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Johor Sultan wants Malay leaders to resolve political crisis

 | November 22, 2017

Sultan Ibrahim says he will not allow the power struggle among Malay leaders to disunite and weaken the Malays.

Johor-Sultan-Ibrahim-leaderJOHOR BAHRU: The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, today expressed concern over what he described as a political crisis afflicting the Malays, and advised all Malay leaders to discuss and solve the problem together in a frank and cordial manner.

The sultan said as a ruler who had pledged to safeguard the interests of the Malays and Islam, he would not allow the power struggle among the Malay leaders to reach the extent of disuniting and weakening the Malays.

“Day by day, the Malays are drawn into a crisis of credibility that tarnishes the image and trust of the institutions led by the Malays, which eventually erodes the confidence, influence and power of the Malays.

“Such erosion makes me worried, and I have decided to remind the Malays to seek a solution immediately,” the sultan said in a statement issued by the Royal Press Office in conjunction with his 59th birthday.

In the statement titled “A Message to the Johor Malays”, Sultan Ibrahim said he hoped the interests and influence of the Malays would be safeguarded without any compromise or flip-flop, especially in Johor where the Malay struggle began.

In this regard, the ruler said, he had decided to remind the Malays to seek an immediate solution so that they could rise and unite in becoming a great and influential community without having to offend or marginalise the other communities.

“Do not just voice out on the special privileges, but among fellow Malays live in complacency and dispute.

“As such, I would like to advise all Malay leaders to come together and frankly discuss the problems of the community and focus on enhancing the dignity and safeguarding the interests of the Malays,” the sultan said.

Sultan Ibrahim said he hoped the Malay leaders would be able to show their sincerity in the struggle to champion the plight of the Malays instead of taking every opportunity in their own interests.

“Restore the sense of trust and loyalty of the Malays to the leaders. I am convinced that with peace and consensus, all problems and challenges can be overcome to achieve the common goal of strengthening the position and influence of the Malays.

“I hope all the Malay leaders and the Malays will strive with sincerity for the interests of the community. Hopefully, this effort will bring great benefit to our homeland and to our generations to come,” the ruler said.


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