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HRP would be better off working with PR instead of demanding seats

January 10, 2011

FMT LETTER. From Syed Zalil, via e-mail

Dear Waythamoorthy, I read your views in the report, ‘Hindraf urges Indians to abstain from voting in GE’, and the demand for seats to be given to your Human Rights Party.

I do agree that Hindraf changed the political landscape in in 2008. Some of you were even detained under the ISA. This fact cannot be deined.

The blame for Indian woes goes to MIC which for over the 53 years was just an Umno-BN stooge. The government’s view is that Hindraf  is now a banned outfit, and its leaders have gone their separate ways.

This poses a unity problem for the Indians who were the driving force in politics before 2008 but the thinking is no longer the same.

HRP, after its launch, has not made a clear stand on which side of the fence it’s on – BN or PR. PR needs the strong voice of Indians in the coalition.

But the 15 seats which HRP is demanding for are already in the hands of PR. Take for example its demand for the seat held by Nurul who won it beating a senior Umno member/minister.

How confident is HRP of winning the seat although I think it’ll be a good for HRP to get the seat too? Most seats are already PR’s. What if HRP loses? It’ll be disaster for PR.

What If HRP candidates turn ‘frogs’ and jump ship to BN. What then? I believe PR will accede to HRP wishes if the seats they ask for is held by the BN.

HRP has got a better chance working as part of the coalition frame work. Based on percentages, most of the seats have up to 27% Indian voters.

They may just turnout to be kingmakers with the additional votes from other races. There are others seats on the BN list. Why not go for those. It makes much sense.

Think it over. PKR is a multi racial party with about six Indian office bearers in the top rung. They too, need the Indian votes. Some are already MPs.

I hope Waytha you think about it and channel it to HRP and have a open talk with the PR coalition. PR is no longer about Anwar, it’s more about getting BN OUT.

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