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Malaysia, best of the mediocre in the field of education

January 24, 2011

FMT Letter: From Zakay A Rehman, via e-mail

Recently I read somewhere that Malaysia was hailed as the top amongst Muslim states in the field of Education.

An honour to Malaysia nontheless; all be it rather sad really! Of the one and a half billion Muslims in almost 50 countries, they cannot
find any better than Malaysia.

We know very well where the our standard of education system is.

We know that ours is an  education system that produces disjointed graduates that are polarised more than united, that identifies and promotes tribalism at the expense of nationhood (the only nation that believes, deludedly in an education system that promotes unity through tribalism!).

Politics aside, ours is an education system that about 90% of all students never graduate (complete) the full 12/13-year course. The
majority leave school after year 11 (SPM). Ironically it’s the minority tribe that seem to hang on to the full education cycle, more completing form six, where the Malays, ironically encouraged by the government, abandoning our own higher school certificate; as if they are not even confident that the Malays can complete and compete in our own system! And this is what the other Muslim countries call the best system!

Maybe they see something in us that even we cannot see in ourselves! Or maybe we are the best….. amongst the backwards.


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