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Shape of things to come?

February 7, 2011


From Zakay A Rehman, via e-mail

‘Things to Come’ is an HG Wells story made into a 1936 Hollywood science fiction movie. It predicted the future during the  turn of 21st century. The movie title seem quite appropriate for us now, taking a leaf from recent events occurring in Tunisia and Egypt; the peoples’ uprise against their despotic, and oppressive governments.

That the discontentmen, and frustration of the peoples boils into the downfall of their governments has been well reported. My interest particularly centres on the missed opportunities of those incumbent governments.

The missed opportunities in the recognition that information and communication cannot be controlled, that we of the third world (Malaysia included) are hooked on the surfs and tides of the information oceans and what ever comes with it.

The power that be need to realise that to avoid anarchy in taking advantage of popular revolt or even worse mistaking popular uprising for anarchistic revolt , the policies surrounding  freedom of expression including freedom to march, protest, voice and express need be revisited, that  carte-blanc changes need to be made.

Recognising that information and communication technology is never within our third world nations’ control and that we, the government, economy, elite and masses alike are slaves to it, then we have to accept that ‘control’ within the old school of thought including licensing, censorship, and policing does not work or only works temporarily.

Its like fine sand in the grasp of your hand, the more you squeeze, the more sand escapes through. Control may from time to time be ‘elastic’ in success, but will inevitably result in ‘in-elastic’ catastrophic failure; and that if there is one thing that those in power obsesses over, it’s their ‘legacy’; success or failure is part of life’s journey, but how it ends that is sweetest or most painful!


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