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Umno is making a mockery of Interlok for showtime with its panel members

February 21, 2011


From R Shan, via e-mail

When you choose a panel to make their recommendation on the divisive methodology practiced by Umno in its educational curriculum, it should be one that is independent of influence or influx of Umnorism whether in the public or private sphere. Not possible in Malaysia, just show time and typical sandiwara.

Please take a look at the panelists. Except for Prof Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, Universiti Putra Malaysia Malay Studies lecturer Assoc Prof Lim Swee Tin and writer Uthaya Sankar SB, the rest are infested with Umnorism.

Let me start with Siti Saroja Basri, wife of Interlok writer Abdullah Hussain. Now in the first place she has no “locus standi” as the spouse of the national laureate as there is a conflict of interest.

Further, how can she read into the thoughts and minds of her husband? Where is the independence?

Another interesting observation is, an original script of a Sasterawan can be amended for the sasterawans of Umno. Umno pandai, Rakyat bodoh.

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka director-general Termuzi Abdul Aziz. Who is here? Another guy who initiated the cause of this debacle for Malaysian Unity in sanctioning such a novel that has created mayhem for the Malaysian Indian community. Umno pandai, Rakyat bodoh.

Now we have Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Aminuddin Baki Centre for Global Education director Prof NS Rajendran. What can I say other than another mandore. Just look at this link and it speaks volume.


Umno and MIC pandai, Rakyat bodoh.

Former education ministry officer G Krishnabahawan. Seriously I don’t know much of this guy, but being a former employee, an Umno lackey, I can just assume he will nod his head whenever it is convenient not to disrupt his wonderful life.

Now the icing on the cake, the most ‘independent’ panelist of the lot, Universiti Malaya’s Malay Studies Academy director Prof Zainal Abidin Borhan. Now this guy, whether you know it or not is the secretary of Gapena. Yes the same group that protested against the amendments and threatened that they will never vote for an Indian. See link http://www.nst.com.my/articles/NGOstoprotestagainstpoliticising_i_Interlok__i_/Article/ Same story Umno pandai, Rakyat bodoh.

Now read this http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2011&dt=0217&pub=utusan_malaysia&sec=Rencana&pg=re_06.htm&arc=hive

I just love the “Panel Bebas” that has been chosen by the Umno pandai, Rakyat bodoh writer in Utusan Melayu. Sure it is bebas, semua bebas because Umno pandai, Rakyat bodoh.

So now, Rakyat is satisfied and can “salam” “kow thim” and “Nandri” at the expense of their freedom, dignity and fairness with this purportedly independent panel.

Yeah! Yeah! Rakyat pandai, Umno bodoh.


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