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Najib not in the same league as Mubarak or Ben Ali

February 24, 2011


From Hahaha, via e-mail

One gives too much credit to Najib. He is not the same league as Hosni Mubarak or Ben Ali – these guys are the real old school autocrats, even Lee Kuan Yew would look like a novice next to them.

Najib is subtle at the moment. Mubarak, Lee Kuan Yew, etc .were also very subtle when they first started out. When they had gained absolute control of the state apparatus, they then bared their fangs and were impatient and rasputin-like where any opposition was destroyed openly and on the quiet.

Najib’s current state is not unlike all that had gone before him. What is the character of the man?

The peasantry in Egypt and Tunisia were living in terrible conditions literally and they were at the end of their tether. Do you know how many long-term unemployed are there in Malaysia ? I met a few eventhough I don’t move around a lot.

The pomp and pageantry , the glitz and glitter of high and towering monstrosity is never a measure of the state of the citizen’s well-being. Where have all the jobs gone to with all our dizzying growth rate ? If party politics is to serve the people then it would have served the ideals of democracy.

If party politics is to preserve the parasitic and corrupt practices of the ruling elite then it will destroy the nation and the spontaneous uprising will become the order of the day. By the bye, what does that make you if you were trying to preserve the ‘parasitic and corrupt practices’? Certainly not ‘anak Malaysia’.

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