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Sarawak’s super tragedy

May 25, 2011


From Alan Newman (NZ), via e-mail

A criminal who for decades held multiple portfolios of finance, planning and resources to plunder Sarawak left, right and centre, leaving bones to the people.

Had this colossal ‘Curse’ not been in Sarawak, roads, highways, schools, hospitals, amenities, environment and income levels would have been on par with those in Dubai, NZ and Australia.

The wealth of a State of four million people, worth mega-billions – stolen by a family and a group of cronies. Daylight robberies, right under our noses. The wealth belongs to the people who voted Taib to serve them. This is Sarawak’s super tragedy.

For Francis Siah, DAP, PKR, PAS, please record clearly and permanently the names of every one who harassed or intimidated you – police officers, PBB sycophants, DUM members.

I dare them, speak a word, make a phone call, point a finger, or raise a hand. Their names will be recorded and sealed for future arrests, powerful vendettas and for posterity.

Their days are numbered and their retribution will be swift and severe when the time comes.

This is war. I tell them in no uncertain terms they will not escape accountability and justice for the crimes that are now being committed under Taib’s rotten regime.  Egyptian President Mubarak and his sons have gone from palace to prison.

To Francis Siah and supporters, I uged them to contact Amnesty International and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at UN, and get them involved now.


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