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Come on lah bruder Zaid, you screwed up big time

June 7, 2011

Latter from KC Lim, via e-mail

For an accomplished lawyer Zaid sure sounds like a little greenhorn wet behind the ears in the political arena. He is trying to shift all possible causes of his own political suicidal demise to Anwar’s actions and decisions.

Come on lah bruder Zaid, be a man and own up that you screwed up on your own big time. First Umno members release a porno video and then your own Kita member offers a bloody junk rolls royce plus a $$$ bounty to produce the look-a-like imposter.

All this has been scrripted way beforehand. If as a chief of Kita he cannot seem to control his own members now guess what will happen when such rogues are elected under the Kita ticket. Zaid will just declare that my party and I are not responsible for what Kita members do or how they act.

Childish man trying to aspire to be a leader. Maybe he should just stick to his law practice enriched by Umno cronism. Still bitching about the RM5,000 ticket that he supposedly spent on the Hulu Selangor by-election.

He probably realised that Pakatan Rakyat had no money for his own personal gain only after joining PKR. Zaid’s bullshit about serving the people, claiming not one sen was spent on his election bid by Anwar.

With his wealth he can easily support the cause for a just and fair elected system. Now he is crying foul like a spoilt brat while maintaining his faultless character is being tarnished. What an egoistic lawyer. The beginning of the end of Zaid Ibrahim and Kita.

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