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‘Civil service must wake up to political realities’

 | July 4, 2011

Umno veteran Tun Daim Zainuddin believes that a section of civil servants are still clinging on to the idea that the opposition cannot govern this country.


Former economic advisor Tun Daim Zainuddin recently gave a talk to senior civil servants who wanted to know the current political scenario.

According to his alter ego, whom I always refer to as The Oracle of Syed Putra, it was an opportunity for Daim to get to know the mindset of civil servants.

Daim, I’m told, found the mindset of some civil servants worrying.

According to the Oracle, Daim said a section of the civil service is still besotted with the idea that the civil service is unaffected by political developments and is automatically identifiable with Barisan Nasiona (BN).

They think, it is THEY who can determine what kind of government is voted in.

Hence a section of the civil servants clings to the idea that the opposition cannot govern this country because the opposition cannot factor in the high opinioned civil service.

The reality is, warned Daim, the country does not operate in accordance to this insular mindset.

The civil service gets the government which the PEOPLE vote in.

The people vote for a government which they want and what they want may not be in line with the civil service mentality.

The role of the civil service is simply to serve the government of the day and the government of the day, is not necessarily what the civil service wants.

Insular opinion

This small section of the civil service must wake up to the political realities that are taking hold in this country.

Civil service has to adapt to any government of the day that is not BN.

The civil service has adapted to the government of the day in Penang, Kelantan, Selangor, Kedah.

This shows that contrary to the wishes and insular opinion of some section of the civil service, it can operate under a government that isn’t BN.

The federal government of the day has also got to wake up to the disturbing trend that not all civil servants are for BN.

The police, for example, may give almost total support to the government. But the government isn’t getting total support from the military establishment.

And there is also an increasing trend for civilian members of the civil service not to support bad policies of the government.

Bad policies are read as reflecting a less than desirable government.

So, the top leadership of the present national government would be better off, abandoning rose colored spectacles which lead them thinking everything is rosy.

This excerpt is from the writer’s sakmongkolak47 blog. The writer, a former Umno state rep, is also an FMT columnist.


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