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Finding the angel of electoral systems

July 18, 2011

FMT LETTER: From Kevin Fernandez, via e-mail

The paradoxes of a perfect electoral system: Two evils still don’t make one right but let’s be honest.

Let us first concur that there is no fool-proof electoral system devised in any country across the globe. Flaws and loopholes of the electoral systems have been of interest in most institutions including ivory league universities.

Malaysia is no yardstick as it seems, and Bersih 2.0 is a fruit of such fallacies attracting the attention of civil society from 64 diverse NGOs.

The irony of misguided information propagated by the opposition seems inevitable for further scrutiny.

May I recall Zaid Ibrahim’s fallout with PKR. The actual fraction, as much acclaimed by several squatters and Zaid himself has seamlessly fallen due to Azmin Ali’s aspiration in becoming in the next deputy president of PKR.

And if I may recall, observers such as Haris Ibrahim and RPK did mention that there seemed to be lobbying on Anwar’s part for the appointment of Azmin to be the next deputy.

Elections were allegedly rigged and Azmin was elected as the deputy. Congratulations on the opposition’s first attempt to have clean and fair democratic elections within the party.

Similarly, nepotism – the appointment of relatives (siblings and sometimes children) – is rather conspicuous in DAP and PKR.

The KOK or Kick Out Kit Siang move of the 90s and the presence of Nurul Izzah in PKR exhibit the sort of politics that the Malaysian political landscape is rather accustomed to.

As far as the Bersih 2.0 in concerned, I would rather go with the ‘known devil that the unknown angel’. May I ask which of the above is the ‘angel of electoral systems’ again?


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