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Blunders of BN through its sheer arrogance

July 28, 2011


From P Andy, via e-mail

The way the current administration of the country have been running things since 2008 is nothing but disastrous to the image of BN if not Malaysia.

We start with the Perak power take over where two PR MPs were investigated for corruption and the charges were dropped when they jumped ship from the ruling party. The physical take over with the help of supposedly neutral PDRM, Judiciary and Royalty had put a black dot on Malaysia’s democracy.

Next came the famous cow head incident. It was no secret which ruling party the culprits were from and we have our infamous home minister speaking out in support of the culprits. They created a scene that could have easily sparked off racial disturbance had other communities been roused. We wondered why a minister condoned an upardonable act.

The next blunder in a multi racial and religious country was to try and monopolise a word commonly used in multi religions. Again the home ministry arbitrarily decided that the common term used for God can only be exclusively used by one religion.

To the dismay of other religions, inspite of the word predating even our official religion and even a high court ruling did not stop our arrogant home ministry from banning the import of bibles in Bahasa Malaysia.

The arrogance continued with the ministry stamping serial numbers on the books, creating a big furor. Even the loss of state seats in Sarawak did not teach them humility.

The scenario then shifted to Penang where the government controlled press uncovered a so-called plot by a minority religion to turn Malaysia into a non Islamic official nation.

Our head executive committed a public relations blunder by summoning leaders of the religion and issued a statement saying that those leaders had backed out of the plan to take over Putrajaya.

The, a golden opportunity was presented to the government to come clean when a group of NGOs called for free and fair elections. A right-minded statesman would have looked into their concerns.

All might was unleased upon these group of respected NGOs and ridiculous actions and decisions were made to counter the call by NGOs. What a public relations blunder, all because of arrogance!

A visit to the Vatican and meeting with Pope was negated by an arrogant uncalled for statement like, “we will respect Christians only if they respect Islam.”

It was made to give the impresion that Islam in Malaysia is under siege when in reality, no Malaysian in his right mind would disrespect any religion, be it official or others

Well, GE is just around the corner and I will not be surprised if more blunders are committed through sheer arrogance. It is up to the peace-loving people of to make a discerning choice. We welcome GE 13.


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