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Sam Singh a.k.a. Hantu Singh

September 28, 2011

FMT LETTER: From Mathias Gomes,a e-mail

Sam Singh reads only articles that are pro Pakatan and on purpose irks readers with his silly and incensed comments, at times even pissing of readers of FMT who have resorted to use vulgarities on him.

It is not nice to read comments that are vulgar in nature, especially if it is directed at you and your community, but Sam Singh doesn’t care.

Most of the comments he posts are designed to create a furore, and he manages to bring in a flood of replies with many vulgarities thrown in.

As an avid reader of online papers, I think he is the only one of the reading commentators who posts a picture of himself proudly which sometimes make me think he is a fake Singh.

He could be a’ fake Singh’, cause I have a lot of Sikh friends who I grew up with, and in College too. They are very proud of their heritage, they will not give an inch if you speak of their heritage or their turban, which they revere in high esteem.

But this Sam Singh doesn’t care even if you whack his community or his heritage, he continues to irk readers of FMT till kingdom come. This proves he could be a fake Singh.

Sam Singh if you are fake Singh, stop it and reveal your true identity, or use some pseuodymn to cover your image. At least the Sikh community will be left out of the barrage of insults it gets.

If you still want to maintain the Sam Singh alter ego then at least tone down your comments, and comment sensibly.

Sometimes you make me feel you are a pro Umno Malay blogger, and that you have hijacked the  picture from some Indian  Blogs. Correct me if I’m wrong.


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