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Bitter is patience but sweet is its fruit

December 2, 2011


From May Chee Chook Ying, via e-mail

In the holy book, we see how God made the Pharaoh so stubborn as to endure nine plagues, only to give in after the 10th, i.e. the “death of the first born”. It was only after God caused the firstborn of all Egypt to die, while sparing those of His chosen ones, that the Pharaoh begged the Israelites to leave.

There are lessons to be learnt here. Firstly, liberation is a prize, hard-won. Secondly, national leaders should realise that injustices will be paid for dearly. Finally, the greatest consolation of them all – there is a God out there who sees and knows everything. No way will He let evil reign!

I tell my children they must learn to read the signs. That’s why it pays to be patient and observant. We need not always be in the thick of action. We need not be the one shouting away like a mad man. We need not be the one at the centre of attention. Sometimes, it pays to be a wallflower. Sometimes, it pays to be at the receiving end of another’s ill-will or design. Why? Bitter is patience but sweet is its fruit.

When we bear with evil, we will gain good. The most painful experiences in life become the best lessons, if we allow them to be. Learn from life; don’t bury your head in the sand. And what does life teach you? We have to live with dignity and because of that we cannot rob others of theirs. We have to live up to our conscience and because of that we cannot betray ourselves or others. We have to be true to ourselves because at the end of the day, we have to live with ourselves.

It does look like that for quite a while now, some of the people here in Malaysia are not putting on their thinking caps nor learning how to read the signs. The latest incident was having the PA Bill 2011 rammed through without much debate nor heeding the rakyat’s take on it.

We, the rakyat, are sitting ducks or what? Didn’t the rakyat rally around to pass you their objection and appeal? The rakyat’s opinion doesn’t matter? I guess neither will their vote. So, should they vote for you? Amongst you, one who regard those who can think as “beruks”, supposedly a trained “beruk” yourself! Guess you don’t belong to the pack because you can’t think at all!

I think of all the slogans that come with each leader with much amusement; one of them being, “People first, performance now.” I guess those who have opinions that differ are not “people” but “beruks”!

Otherwise, how can their opinion not warrant a second glance! What about “performance now”? What have our elected representatives in the government done for us, now? Betrayal of the highest order?

All we ask is the right to assemble peacefully. Peace-ful-ly. Do you need to watch your back just because we want to assemble at a particular place to express our opinions or take a stroll in the park to pass you a “note”?

You are afraid of your own shadow? What have you done to be so paranoid? Looks like we have put a bunch of cowards or loonies in office! Looks like you people need to be straight-jacketed!

This is not a war-cry but it’s high time we Malaysians, the silent majority, reclaim our right to eat, love and pray “peacefully”. For a long time now, we have lived under “oppression”’ in the guise of “the best democracy in the world”, propounded by those in office. I think it is a sin to resign ourselves to think that such a form of “slavery” is a normal situation.

Come on, we are “beruks” that can think! Let not the future generations think that we, their forefathers, did not try to make the world a better place for them. That we didn’t make Malaysia, their motherland, a safe place for them.

That we allowed their birthright to be snatched away. That we allowed unscrupulous people to rob us blind. That we toiled the land only to have others harvest our blood, sweat and tears. That we didn’t love Malaysia enough to save her!

In sparing the first-born of Israel, God demonstrates His opposition to human sacrifice. That’s why we, right-thinking “beruks” advocate “walks for freedom”. We don’t want to revert to the kind of uprising that claim lives as we have seen across the Arab nations.

We are Malaysians. We are a peaceful people. We are a good people. We can do this; reclaim our birthright. Vote out those who will destroy Malaysia. It’s time for our very own “Passover” – independence from draconian structures towards a “liberated Malaysia for all Malaysians”.

Last but not least, to all those who marched from the Lake Gardens to Parliament – We, the majority of Malaysians, are very proud of you. We hear you and we will emulate you. Have faith for the power will be with the “beruks”. God bless.


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