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Who said Pakatan is having problems in Selangor?

February 3, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Mathias Gomes, via e-mail

I refer to the analysis by Rashid Ahmad under the heading, ‘Selangor Umno stuck over winnable term.’ His opinion is that Najib will have an easy passage through Selangor due to Pakatan’s problem from undelivered promises to economic development. And the Indians and Malays are not happy with Pakatan government.

Did Rashid Ahmad see the auditors report on Selangor recently, the auditor gave a thumbs up to Selangor and Penang, So what promises? and what economic development? Did he expect an economic development in 2 1/2 years, when BN ruled the state for 50 years and what happened all these years that BN ruled Selangor.

We had a Menteri Besar who was caught in Australia bringing in millions in a suitcase? and  a another Menteri Besar who built a Palace ,”from a commoner to a King” and don’t forget his sudden new face, from almost dark face to a very fair face, that treatment alone would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to forget the  expensive sightseeing trips for his family and friends that came from the coffers of Selangor.

He said the Indians and Malays are not happy with Pakatan’s rule, Which Malays? Must be Umno Malays because they can’t butter their bread anymore. Which Indians? Must be the kowtow Indians from MIC and IPF who wait in line for the crumbs that fall from Umno Malays.

Well for your information all the problems created for Pakatan in Selangor is by Selangor Umno, right from TBH suicide to the cow head scandal, and now the DUMC issue and many more will surface soon before GE13th.

The Hassan Ali issue is also caused by Selangor Umno we all know that he is a ‘rojan horse’ for Umno Selangor who was promised the Menteri Besar’s post if PAS joined Umno. Doesn’t Rashid Ahmad know about this or he is just pretending that all this did not happen.

Well take my word Rashid Ahmad, Selangor will stay with Pakatan for at least two more terms, the people know Umno’s charade and all their vast mega corruption scandals in Selangor. It is impossible for good people to vote for Barisan National in Selangor anymore, and there are a majority of good  and learned people in Selangor.

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