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Pakatan should not be looking at Ku Li

February 17, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Huang Siew Hock, via e-mail

Is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah the only choice for Pakatan Rakyat? Is he a member of Pakatan in the first place? If he is, he may be considered. If he is not, he is not even in the starting block for consideration.

I don’t think he is suitable. Firstly, he is not even a member of Pakatan! So, with due respect to him, how could an outsider be considered?

Secondly, the importance of the royal houses is over-emphasised in this modern age. Many may or may not be aware of royal houses having crumbled or about to crumble like Bahrain.

Thirdly, look at the protesters in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, to name a few. Who are the protesters? Ordinary people, right? They want jobs, equal opportunities, level-playing field, corruption-free, freedom, human rights, women’s rights ( three Nobel Prize winners were all women! ). Are they fighting for the royalty? Definitely no!

Now look within Pakatan Rakyat members. Apart from Anwar Ibrahim, only Nurul Izzah deserves mention. Even Raja Petra Kamarudin mentioned her name as a replacement for Anwar.

Note that women all over the world are fighting for their rights; and some of them are occupying positions as PMs or Presidents. PAS has Awang Hadi and Mat Sabu. DAP has Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang. All these leaders could make fine PMs, provided, first, that Pakatan gains the majority of seats in Parliament, and second, he has the support of the majority of MPs’ support.

The Federal Constitution is very clear on the position of PM; there is no mention of royalty, please! Neither is there any mention that the PM should be a Malay!

Malaysia is still wallowing in the third world, trying to be a developed nation by 2020. The annual Auditor-General’s Reports are very damaging and most revealing; and what has been done? Swept under the carpet!

As a a comparison, look at resource-less Singapore; it is a developed nation, going first class in world rankings. All Singaporeans are given equal chances; how they strive and survive is up to them. Foreign talents come in and compete. Locals can , and do, lose out in the competitive race, like Olympics; no handicaps!

So, it is not royal blood or race that matters. Can he or she deliver for all? Can he be fair to all? Voters want fair play; not cheating, please! Who fits the bill?


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