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Of regime change and democracy in Malaysia

February 20, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Dr Mustafa K Anuar, via e-mail

Aliran is troubled by the ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent prediction in warning Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that Israel and the United States were “conspiring to cause a regime change in Malaysia through ‘a puppet government’ to be led by Anwar (Ibrahim)”.

This political ‘forecast’ has serious implications and repercussions for the country. If there is any grain of truth to this international conspiracy, then our sovereignty, and political independence and security would indeed be in jeopardy.

The gravity and severity of this matter, therefore, demand that Mahathir presents incontrovertible evidence to support his allegation. This will enable Malaysia to safeguard itself and remain as an independent nation in the world community, without fear that it would be transformed into a “client state” of the US or any other world powers for that matter.

Mahathir’s honest response would enable Malaysians, particularly their leaders, to take the necessary steps available in order to safeguard the country’s independence and sovereignty.

Mahathir’s allegation has implications for those voting in the forthcoming general election. They need to make an informed choice based on all available information, including his allegation, so that they can vote into power a group of politicians who really have the interests and concerns of the people and the nation close to their hearts.

When such information is available, it would prevent them from voting in political leaders who would eventually colonise their minds and shackle their freedom of expression, assembly and association.

But if the former prime minister fails to convince ordinary Malaysians – with evidence – of this supposedly impending political catastrophe, then his cautionary call can only be interpreted as a desperate attempt to derail the democratic process of Malaysian citizens to vote for any political party of their preference, and for a meaningful change in their collective life.

Worse, it can also be seen as a calculated and mischievous attempt to equate the federal opposition with things that are evil. In short, to demonise the Pakatan Rakyat alliance – the members of which are legal entities – with baseless allegation is a despicable act that must be condemned without reservation.

We call upon Mahathir in all fairness to furnish Malaysians with some evidence pertaining to this serious matter. Otherwise, his prediction is as reliable as crystal ball-gazing.

The writer is honorary secretary of Aliran


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