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The senator’s startling revelations

March 20, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Iskandar Dzulkarnain, via e-mail

The disturbing revelation by Senator KS Nallakaruppan, a former confidante of Anwar Ibrahim, claiming that the latter was ‘bisexual’, has come as a shock to the nation.

“Anwar is a bisexual,” he said. “Sue me in court if you are man enough.”

At a press conference held at the office of the Malay rights group Perkasa, he said he would reveal the “names of people’s wives and boys who were involved” if the latter dares to sue him!

Nallakaruppan, who is also the Malaysian Indian United Party chief, also claims to have witnessed Anwar having illicit sex at Tivolli Villa, as he was the one who brought him there.”

Judging from the feedback, It is really alarming that no one seem to believe any of the allegations even though NallaKaruppan is a Malaysian senator who has come forward to risk his whole career and credibility to reveal his ‘great big secret.’

How is he going to answer to his party and the government, ‘his voyeuristic tendencies’ that he actually watched a man having sex without blinking an eye?

Most Malaysians knew Nalla as a good friend and supporter of Anwar. A tennis partner and who together, used to paint the town red at night. Nalla was known to have stood beside Anwar during the sodomy 1 trial, and like a staunch supporter refused to leave.

Imagine, a man like NallaKaruppan having to carry the ’heavy guilt’ on his back for the last 14 years. Most men would have broken their backs and had to wear a neck-brace just to keep their head straight. By revealing his secret, he hopes to atone for his past sins, even at risk to his professional reputation.

Even when he was charged for possessing illegal firearms he never tried to spill on Anwar. But friendship aside, it soured and they went their separate ways with Nalla having to carry the overpowering guilt in his heart.

He still kept his sanity and went on to lead a political party and became a senator. But Anwar’s alleged words kept haunting his memory, that should the latter fail to become Prime Minister, he will destroy the country.

So, it does not come as a surprise that an honest Nallakaruppan, laden with all that guilt finally came forward to warn the nation of impending disaster.

Many Malaysians were moved to tears, when he said that he wanted to save the country from Anwar. Such great chivalry!

This chivalrous breed of men are really one in a million and hard to come by anymore. It reminds us of the great men and women in the past, like Ibrahim Ali, Saiful B, the Datuk T trio and Ummi Hafilda who also sacrificed their sanity to try and save the country from the all powerful Anwar Ibrahim.

Even after his emotionally charged revelation, there were many who were angry with him, and some even to the extent of calling him a limbless reptile which is totally uncalled for. And to think that a big majority of Malaysians actually aspire for Anwar Ibrahim to be a Prime minister in waiting is really shocking.

This same majority refuses to accept the countless allegations hurled against him even though it was carried in reputable tabloids and prime time television. Somehow, the painstaking efforts in the mainstream media to reveal Anwar’s faults always seem to fall flat, with the latter emerging smelling like a rose.

It is not the might of the Opposition Media, as they are few and scattered, but the failure of the mainstream media to paint an accurate picture of him and his follies. So today, many people seem to shrug and pass off as thrash, humbug or just plain rubbish when it comes to allegations against Anwar. The MSM shouldn’t be so half hearted when it comes to serious issues like Anwar.

With the talk of a General Election just around the corner, it is also very surprising that there are many who would accept a bisexual as a Prime Minister rather than a wee bit of corruption plaguing the country.

No wonder BN is having massive fits of anxiety. Anwar has been known to be an ‘incorruptible’ due to the lack of corruption charges filed against him, and many people think he still possesses enough clout to rule this nation.

Back in the late sixties, the national debt stood at RM3billion and shocked Malaysians were wondering if the BN government could manage this debt. But 30 years later, BN’s spendthrift policies has kept the national debt in check, and prevented it from spiralling upwards.

Today, it stands at a mere RM450billion and if BN is allowed to rule for the next five years, we can be sure it would not increase to more than RM700billion.

That’s why it is crucial for BN to regain a two thirds majority, failing which our Premier Najib has warned that the new transformation projects for the various states would fail.

Lastly, although there are many in BN who deeply sympathise with Nalla for his sacrifice to the nation, they felt that his Press Conference should have been held elsewhere, instead of so near to the Perkasa headquarters, which would cause many people to ask unhealthy questions.

Then there are those who has concluded that since the country is almost on the brink of disaster, and if Anwar is really that hell-bent on destroying the country as Nalla has alleged, if he does not get to become Prime Minister, then we should give him a chance to take the premiership for a term or so until he gets tired, provided he hands the country back to us in one piece.

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