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Keep talking Dr M

 | April 21, 2012

Since 1981 Umno has changed in character completely, evolving into an evil empire thriving on a complex network of cronies and a labyrinth of shady deals.


What’s with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad these days? The ghosts of misdeeds past are haunting him? It appears that the more Mahathir says, the faster is the demise of Umno.

He seems to have forgotten why his chosen successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah), in 2004, got the largest majority in the history of Barisan Nasional.

Mahathir and NOT Pak Lah was the main factor that gave BN the largest mandate in 2004.

The people voted for Pak Lah not because they thought he would be a good prime minister. It was to celebrate the exit of Mahathir, the man who started Malaysia on the road of destruction.

Pak Lah turned out to be a sleepy head on the many issues facing the country and history will probably remember him as the PM we got as a result of a mistake.

Malaysia today is fast becoming a frontier town with gunslingers around. We are where Africa was 20-years ago.

We have a minister who abducted a man and had him beaten mercilessly. We also have a son of a minister who may have instructed his minder to beat up a security guard.

And more recently, we read about the case of a member of the Johor Royal House beating another person ruthlessly. Have we legitimised evil?

Evil Umno

It appears so, since 1981 to be exact. Since 1981, Umno has changed in character completely.

It has evolved into an evil empire devouring the wealth of the country through a complex network of cronies and a labyrinth of shady deals.

And all trails, mind you, lead back eventually to the upper reaches of the Umno leadership. Its common knowledge now that the buck does indeed stop there (Umno).

In which case where will where will Umno and BN get their votes from?

Will it be from the over 60-year olds who incidentally are not that large in numbers? Those who have crossed over to the “good” side are not likely to come back to BN.

So Umno and BN will add on to their loyal database with votes from the instant Malaysians- the immigrants who came and were given MyKads.

Perhaps privy to the biggest electoral scam ever in our history, Mahathir wants to help steer the Umno to its grave. So, we must encourage Mahathir to speak. He must say more.

Especially since we have a lame duck prime minister (Najib Tun Razak) who has declared war on its people.

Najib has forgotten that these people, who made the mistake of wrongly voting BN in the last elections, were in the 49% group of popular voters.

The 51% group (who voted for the opposition) must have gotten it right.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz is a former Umno assemblyman and is now a DAP member. He is a FMT columnist.


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