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Mohan and Devadass, don’t make a fool of yourselves

April 27, 2012

FMT LETTER: From T Gopal Thirumala, via e-mail

I cannot help but to respond to the FMT article, ‘Poser over RM4.7m Tamil school’, although I’m in no way associated with that school or PKR. Devadass claimed that the BN government allocated land in 1995, but he didn’t question them as to why they did not build the school in the first place, until 2008.

From his statement, it is clear that the land belongs to the state government and they have the right to do whatever they intend to do to benefit the citizens of the state as a whole.

I don’t see any reason why they cannot sell it to the I-City developers, as long as they provide an alternative venue, within a reasonable distance and with the standard buildings and facilities.

They can sell the land for RM20 million or even RM100 million but on what basis the school can stake claim on that, unless they own the land? It’s a win-win-win situation among the school, the state government and the developer.

The parents, teachers and students are more than happy with the new building. So, what’s your problem Devadass?

T Mohan should ask himself whether he is qualified to talk about transparency and cronyism. He questioned the cost of that building. Why don’t you go to JKR and ask them the cost of this building?

I know this very well as recently the State Education Department approved a two-storey building, with only eight classes to be built for RM2.5 million. Before that, can you explain you and your MIC’s involvement in some contracts at AIMST University and a National Service Training Centre?

What is your association with Surya Setia Capital and Silver Line Sdn Bhd? Were all the contractors for AIMST University chosen through transparent tender process?

T Mohan, at least they sold the land and built a new building at an alternative site for the school. How about your party’s way of dealing? When developers allocated land to Effingham Tamil School, your party grabbed half of it and transferred into Samy Vellu’s name, as the trustee of MIC.

Can you give the land stolen by your party back to the school before questioning others? If possible, build a building like Midlands School on that land, complete with state-of-the art facilities, all for less than RM3.5 million.

This is my challenge to you. Dare enough to take it?

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