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Selling utopia on shoestring budget

 | May 5, 2012

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak building grandiose dreams by lulling people into believing his mesmerising talk.


In trying to conceal scenes of violence on April 28, the power-that-be has made a great faux pas. And that is none other than attacking the media personnel. This has got to be one of the most bone-headed moves initiated by those irresponsible authorities, always referred to as “the higher-ups”.

In the world of open skies and instant digital technology, only a very stupid person can think that information can be concealed by bashing up journalists and wrecking the tools of their trade. Therefore it goes without saying that the BN federal government is stupid if it is the one behind such a harebrained scheme.

We, the people of Malaysia, will continue to be the world’s laughing stock if we continue to vote in BN to helm the nation. The BN government is beyond repair and redemption as it has lost its senses. And the worst scheme it has concocted is to inject more than three million dubious voters into the voter rolls so that it can steal Putrajaya.

Be that as it may, these BN leaders have garnered for themselves a huge cult following among those who are gullible and unable to think logically. These ignorant masses worship BN as a benevolent deity and they are grateful for whatever little crumbs thrown to them from the BN demigods.

Have our people lost their way because of the RM500 cash aid and the RM200 book vouchers? Can dignity be bought for less than RM1,000? If yes, then our nation is on the road to perdition.

One must wake up to realise that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is selling utopia on a shoestring budget. He is building grandiose dreams by lulling people into believing his mesmerising talk which is nothing but sugar-coated lies.

‘Great war’ coming

The minimum wage policy announced recently is still deemed as “too little, too late because the overall pay package includes overtime and allowances so it is a deception, actually,” opined PAS Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. Of course all those interviewed by the mainstream media lapped it up as a “great gift” from Najib “to whom we must always give thanks for his goodness and kindness to the people”.

Still, whether the 13th general election is to be held next month is food for thought. We, the rakyat, are held hostage by the date of the polls and this is certainly a great insult for the rakyat to bear.

Although there are three million plus dubious voters, can Najib rely on them to come out and vote for BN? Hence, the delay in holding the polls so that more foreign workers’ names can be inserted into the voter rolls.

A foreign worker in the construction sector who earns about RM3,000 a month told this columnist that he could not be bothered to vote for BN because when the cost of living goes up, he will have less money to send home to his family. So if he ever does vote, he will be voting for Pakatan Rakyat.

The “great war” is coming. It is just around the corner although people are carrying on with their daily lives as if nothing has happened.

The BN government is ready. Once BN wins another mandate, all hell will break loose. The GST (goods and services tax), mobile phone charges, prepaid tax and many new taxes will be imposed. The poor will suffer and languish in misery. Those who can flee to greener pastures will do so while BN leaders and their cronies will live like lords and kings.

And that will soon come to pass when BN wins again. Wake up, Malaysians! We have to be our own heroes.

Selena Tay is a FMT columnist.


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