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Of DAP’s contradictions and ‘potong’

June 3, 2012

Mathias Chang claims that the MCA president offended the Malays and Muslims when he asked if Guan Eng is willing to 'potong' instead of 'menyunat' and that he also betrayed BN.


By Shen Yee Aun

One must first understand why MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek questioned if DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng could become the prime minister of Malaysia.

1: DAP leaders are contradicting themselves where Guan Eng claimed that the political reality in Malaysia was that only a Muslim and Malay could be prime minister whereas DAP national chairman Karpal Singh claimed that a non-Malay could assume the post.

2: Has DAP’s stand regarding a non-Malay PM changed? In the past DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang was vocal that a non-Malay could be the prime minister of Malaysia (DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia). But why was it that now Kit Siang chooses to remain silent? Is DAP not consistent with its party struggle and ideology?

3: So now the public demands to know from DAP which is their real stand? Is it Karpal or Guan Eng’s?

4: Since DAP is one of the component parties in Pakatan Rakyat. What are PKR and PAS’ stand regarding Karpal and Guan Eng’s respective views? Which is Pakatan’s stand regarding this issue?

MB post in Perak

Forget the PM post, let’s just concentrate on the menteri besar position.

In March 2008, Perak DAP won 18 out of 18 seats, PKR seven out of 20 and PAS six out of 21.

This simple mathematics would tell you which party’s representative should hold the MB post, but in reality, it went to PAS, which got the lowest number of seats in the state compared to its Pakatan partners.

On this note, why was the MCA president’s claim that Guan Eng could never become the prime minister of Malaysia wrong?

Why didn’t Karpal go all out to fight for DAP to get the MB post in Perak when his party won the most seats? Why did he accept a PAS menteri besar?

Is it because he was willing to set his struggle and beliefs aside just to ensure that Pakatan was in power? If he couldn’t fight for the MB post then, why deceive the non-Malays with false claims that Malaysia could have a non-Malay PM?

Perhaps he did voice out and that is why he hurt the feelings of the Sultan of Perak.

As for Matthias Chiang, the former special aide of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he claimed that the MCA president insulted the Malay/Muslim community by using the word “potong” instead of “menyunat” to describe circumsision.

He was responding to Chua’s statement, which was reported in the Chinese press, that even if Guang Eng was willing to “potong”, he would not be able to become PM as he was not a true Muslim.

Then what is Chang’s stand regarding Karpal versus the Sultan of Perak back then? Didn’t he as the chairman of DAP insult and behave disrespectfully towards the Malay/Muslim Sultan?

Language issue

I want to have sex with my wife or I want to make love with my wife. The proper word in English according to the dictionary is that I want to have sex with my wife. But what wrong is there when a man says I want to make love to my wife. Doesn’t it mean the same?

So just because people do not use the word you want or belief in, does that mean it is an insult or being disrespectful?

So perhaps P1 Wimax should sue Chang. P1 Wimax uses the word “potong” in their advertisement. Are they also insulting the Malays and Muslims in the country?

No doubt, the word “potong” has been used loosely, indeed irresponsibly by many including the Malays/Muslims in Malaysia to describe circumcision, said Chang.

He claimed that the MCA  president used the word “potong” instead of “menyunat” and therefore he was insulting and being disrespectful to the religion.

At the same time, he also claimed that many irresponsible people, including Malays and Muslims, used the same word to describe circumcision.

So is Chang trying to say that all those Malays and Muslims in Malaysia who use the word “potong” instead of “ menyunat” are also insulting their own religion.

How much does he know about Islam? I would advise him not to come out with his own fatwa regarding this matter.

It was never a teaching of Prophet Muhammad or was it mentioned in the Quran regarding what was the correct word to describe circumcision. The religion only stressed on the need for circumsision.

If the word “potong” was wrong, then why did Mathias use words like “stupid” and “idiot” to attack the MCA president over this issue? Why does he think that the words others used were improper but the words he used were proper?

As for the MCA president’s statement that Guan Eng could not become PM even if he circumcised, the former was merely highlighting the political reality in this country.

‘Betraying’ BN

Chang also took a swipe at Chua for challenging DAP to state if Pakatan comes into power would its representatives be appointed to the four major ministerial portfolios – finance, defence, international trade and industry and education.

“If Pakatan rules… DAP leaders would be like MCA leaders who could only hold ministerial posts. If the prime minister does not like them (DAP leaders) and appoints them to govern ping-pong and badminton affairs, how would DAP dominate major policies?” he was quoted as saying.

To this, Chang said that any layman would conclude that Chua had just confessed that MCA was being bullied by Umno and so DAP would suffer a similar fate if Pakatan formed federal government.

But did the MCA president ever confess that his party was being bullied by Umno? This was just an indication that MCA was willing to respect the unity and spirit of Barisan Nasional’s power sharing system.

What Chua raised was whether DAP was willing to bow to PAS and PKR in sharing power?

Furthermore, Chang argued that if Chua was not misquoted on this by the Chinese mainstream media, then it was only proper for MCA to withdraw from BN and its leaders to quit the Cabinet.

According to Chang, the MCA president’s statement had undermined and betrayed BN.

Has Chang lost it? Since when did MCA state that it was not sastified with its current portfolios. What Chua asked was whether DAP would be a minor or major force in a Pakatan government. MCA respected Umno as the real head in BN, because there could only be one tiger on one mountain. But Pakatan has too many heads, so one wonders, which is the real head?

MCA’s policies never contradicted that of any other BN component parties. So the question of withdrawing from a coalition should be posed to either DAP or PAS, since their respective policies clashed with each other.

Chang should now apologise to all Malays and Muslims in Malaysia for claiming that if they used the word “potong” instead of “menyunat”, it was akin to insulting their religion.

Shen Yee Aun is a political observer and former Klang DAP Youth chief.


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