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A weight-loss attitude

 | June 10, 2012

Even the person without a weight problem has to take care as they get older to stay slim. So be wary the way you eye those satay sticks.


A good diet and plenty of exercise is essential and not too difficult to a normal balanced eater. But for a person with a weight problem those simple tasks can be a nightmare.

Eating becomes phobic, constantly causing conflicts in the mind. Energy is wasted with the stress and the more the person worries about it the greater the problem. Diets can only be kept for a short time and then a big binge destroys the programme.

The key to an ideal weight is correct exercise and lifestyle, healthy food intake and a directed mind.

Fortunes are spent on diets and pills, but rarely resolve the problem. Actually, the person is programmed to eat for an alternative and has nothing to do with normal eating satisfaction.

To change this programme the subconscious needs to be persuaded, that this strategy no longer serves a useful purpose.

To change the behavior pattern it is necessary to regress the person back to the first time they started eating for a reason other than to nourish their bodies. Any kind of eating that overrides that satisfied feeling, is for extra satisfaction.

We have a lot about the mind-body connection, but  how does it work in losing weight? The subconscious puts the urge on eating so that the person will nourish their body.

The natural satisfaction for eating in a normal eating habit is eating only for survival. Then the subconscious operates a feeling of satisfaction so the person no longer needs to eat.

They have no desire for any other food. If the satisfaction feeling is overridden it is because of a different type of satisfaction – an extra satisfaction.

Comfort or protection

It is this extra satisfaction that needs dealing with. This satisfaction is due to either comfort or protection which started with a thought at sometime in their life.

There are many other extra-satisfaction reasons like fear, impatience and hidden traumas. In order to alter this programme we have to find the source of the thought.

With hypnosis, we have two advantages that we don’t have in normal consciousness.

Firstly, while in hypnosis the subconscious can bring forward any memory on request as every memory is recorded. So we can request information from the past and bring this new information to the attention of the conscious.

Secondly, because the person in hypnosis is still aware, the conscious is checking it out and thinking “Ah yes, that’s why I am acting like this and can’t lose weight easily”

We can use hypnosis to access this connection to help reach our goals of health, well-being, success and mental edge.

When we have an emotion urge, say for example, you are watching someone bite a satay.  This produces a feeling, which turns into a physical sensation. In this case, you get a taste on your mouth, your mouth water and did you get excited?

Eat rationally

This is one way hypnosis produce a physical sensation. Your imagination allowed you to process the information which gave you some sort of reaction.

Thus, with hypnosis you can suggest to the subconscious mind to eat more rationally, eating lower calorie, and healthier food and be fully satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

You can enjoy and drink more water, enjoy a new eating habit to always leave food on the plate, only think of the bite that is in your mouth and not on the plate and also visualize your stomach as getting smaller each day.

Hypnosis complements all other weight-loss programs as it focuses on the directed mind.

So the next time you diet, your mind will probably say “if you diet you will starve. If you starve you will die, and I can’t let that happen to you” Now you know why most diets fail.

The writer is a London trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He is Malaysia’s most renowned clinical hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, event host and book author. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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