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Hoodwinking citizens through deceptive religiosity?

June 19, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Sonaja Vider, via e-mail

Aiyoh, aiyoh, aiyoh!…. This was my immediate response to the FMT report, ‘MIC seeks divine intervention.’ I’m a theist or a believer in the omnipotence of God and not an atheist. I’m neither a critic of Hinduism nor Hindus. In fact, more than most of my friends are Hindus and I rub shoulders with Hindus every day. I have no problems with any other religion as well.

Religion is a personal belief system and everyone has a right to practice their own faith. It is a personal and individual conviction. But any specific religion is forced down to one’s throat, then it is no more religion but it becomes extremism and an encroachment on the rights of others. I do not compromise on my faith and I see that my faith is my identity as well. This is where I’m perturbed by this article.

I’m pouring out my frustration and unhappiness here not because I’m against the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) or Barisan Nasional (BN). I’m really one of those apolitical fence sitters who is interested in seeing justice including the right to worship/faith meted out to all Malaysians.

What is the role of MIC? To be the proponents of Hinduism or to be representatives of Malaysian Indian community or Just Malaysian Hindu Community? Hello Mr President MIC, I would like to ask you a very simple question. Who was the pioneer President of MIC? Mr John Thivvy, wasn’t he?

Did he promote just Christianity or did he work for the well-being of the entire Malaysian Indian community? What about the other five MIC Presidents who followed thereafter? All of them would have had their set of limitations and would have practised their own religion but they did not forcibly promote any particular religion.

What is the big idea of making the MIC building into a symbolic religious sanctum? How can others like us, Muslims and Christians come to the building without having the insecurity of being marginalised and alienated? Or during your term as the President of MIC, you want to limit the party’s identity to be that MIC is only for Indian Hindus and not for Indians belonging to other faiths? Or, are you also going to build a Surau for the Muslim friends and a Chapel for the Christian friends to ensure religious freedom?

How many women and men staff are there in the whole of MIC building? How can you ensure that all of them are ritually clean when they enter into your office? What kind of respect will be this to your shrine and sanctum? Or is it just another eye wash to manipulate and deceive the Hindu community? Do not drag God and religion into your political manoeuvring!

What a mockery of religion? You are making my other good pious practising Hindu friends and leaders to be embarrassed. Religiosity and piety of one should be seen through the life, work and word of the person and not in erecting shrines and symbols in common places such as a party headquarters.

Do you know of the old Tamil proverb that is accepted and agreed upon by all religions, which is “Makkal Sevaiyeh, Mahesan Sevai” (Service to mankind is service to God Almighty)? The real temple of God Almighty is in the purity of your body, mind and spirit.

We have been talking about the arrogance of the majority. Is this an example of such arrogance on your part? You better correct your attitude, before the people of the constituency, I mean wherever you are standing for election, teach you and other chauvinists a bitter lesson.

Remember that in Malaysia, there is no single constituency with majority Hindu voters. I’m only sad because, along with you some of the very few good rational thinking candidates will also be sucked into the destructive maelstrom.

Dear citizens, don’t be hoodwinked by deceptive religious appearances! Vote for people who have the interest of the Malaysian community and not one specific religious community at heart. If you find such a candidate vote them in without looking into the political divide.

If any alliance (PR or BN) cannot find such noble, practice and service oriented candidates who serve irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed, they do not deserve your votes… too bad, isn’t it? God Almighty has given you the wisdom and your destiny is in your hands!

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