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What a cruel way to treat animals

June 20, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Ismail Mamat, via e-mail

I came across SVK Bird Shop in Kemanyan Square, Seremban and was shocked to see the collection of exotic birds stuffed into tiny cages on sale.

There are various species of birds from all around the world and anyone with a kind heart would be distressed to see absolutely beautiful birds cramped up and unable to spread their wings, only able to walk a few inches in their respective cages.

There are also birds chained outside the shop, these birds are always frightened of visitors as they are mocked and intimidated and this must be stopped at once. Visit this shop and you will also see horribly sick looking ducks too large for their filthy cages.

SVK Bird Shop also sell Marmosets. Why is a exotic bird shop allowed to sell primates I wonder? All this is clear indication lazy Perhilitan officers in Negeri Sembilan do not care about wild animals, or maybe its Negeri Sembilan officers are friends with owners of SVK Bird Shop?

Is this shop not violating the new Wildlife Conservation Act? It seems to me zoo and pet shop owners selling wildlife in Malaysia are laughing at the new act and at Perhilitan as it doesnt seem to me anyone is obeying the new wildlife law.

Perhilitan must visit this shop immediately and find out the origin of the animals and make their findings public, via the media or their website. Malaysians know Perhilitan have come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons since last year and I wonder when will Perhilitan take notice of all the criticism and take action to regain the public’s respect.


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