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It looks like Anwar never learns?

June 22, 2012

FMT LETTER: From By P Dev Anand Pillai, via e-mail

There has been rumours that certain MIC leaders are in talks with the PKR Supremo about a possible cross over before the impending general elections. It looks as though PKR has not learnt its lesson.

PKR seems to be another BN in the making and it doesn’t seem to learn from the past. PKR should not forget that it is a party of the future when multi-racialism and multi-culturalism will be openly embraced by our future generations.

It should instead trust its young core members who have been with the party and toiled for it all this while instead of courting these bunch of opportunist from the MIC. That is the reason why Anwar sometimes becomes easy meat for the BN.

He does not practice what he preaches. When the PR coalition talks about the unworthiness of politicians who jump ship, it becomes a joke that they court possible cross overs!

The young talent in the PKR is what Anwar has to tap, if he does not understand that,then he is not ready to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Perhaps a better choice will be Tengku Razaleigh.

Untrustworthy politicians from the MIC are the last thing that must be in the mind of the PKR Supremo, it is a real stupid move for him to do at this point of time when the new generation of voters want to give new faces in PKR who have worked their way up in PKR a chance at being the people’s representative in state assemblies and Parliament.

Has Anwar lost it? Wouldn’t he of all know that such characters cannot be trusted? Despite knowing that he is entering into dangerous territory by courting this morons, Anwar does it again and again and as a result of this, he loses some good potential leaders who are seen as leaders of all instead of leaders of just one race.

If Anwar can’t comprehend this then he has lost the plot. Though some may argue that some former MCA and Gerakan leaders are now very entrenched leaders in the PKR but that is not the right way, PKR should instead tap on its youth, as they are the future of the party.

Perhaps Nurul Izzah should advise her father to tread carefully and avoid being made to eat humble pie after having gone through a failed attempt on  Sept 16, after the 2008 elections.

If Anwar continues with this nonsense then it will be best that the Indians throw their support behind Hindraf or PSM who seem more sincere and trustworthy instead of PKR. PAS and DAP should counter this stupid move by Anwar by either advising him or if he refuses to listen by placing some good members from their respective parties as potential candidates

It will a real sad state of affairs if after coming so close, PR loses its chance of seeking Federal power because of some dumb moves by its Prime Ministrial candidate. PKR must note that the people are watching and are not stupid anymore. If the PKR proves to be as corrupt as Umno, they will not even last a term in office.

Potential young leaders like N Surendran, Ex-Hindraf ISA detainee Vasantha Kumar, and a host of new leaders who have been groomed on the quiet by their respective division and state leaders should be given a chance instead.

Many from the professional group, the NGO activists and from the technocrats should be given a chance instead of some unworthy characters from MIC.

PKR is heading for the same mistake and this time the people will not be that forgiving anymore. They might not even turn up to vote making it easier for Umno-BN to put any moron on its ticket and win this election. If that happens the only person to be blamed will be the great revered leader of PKR himself.


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