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Please stop the unfair attacks on Faekah

June 22, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Stephen Ng, via -mail

I have been following closely the development of the anti-Faekah political faction in PKR. As in any other organisation, there will obviously be internal fighting.

Neither Umno, MCA or MIC can deny the fact that they too, have their factions who fight against each other. For example, Umno Team A and Team B which clashed, and the subsequent ‘systematic erosion’ of Team B’s powerbase, which saw Abdullah Badawi unable to stand against the tirades from Umno Team A’s Mahathir Mohamad.

MCA and MIC too, have their own issues. However, for one faction of PKR to target Faekah as an individual is sad, because knowing this lady as a good administrator, I cannot but stand up to show her my support and solidarity.

I may in the process offend others, but my support is for this Iron Lady who ensures that the reforms are being carried out in the Selangor atate administration. Reforms are necessary to clean up the old system of cronyism which has been a major problem in the country all these years.

From reading an article in Malaysiakini, I see there is no reason why the attack has to reach this level, other than a few people who still want to continue with the culture of the old regime to turn politics for their personal gains.

I do not see how a letter, whether you call it a support letter or otherwise, written by the political secretary to the Menteri Besar to urge the state GLC to give fair consideration is out of place. Naturally, the kins of Faekah would seek her help, just as the kins of Azmin or Khalid would also do the same. In the first place, it is not even a support letter.

The letter never “forced” the GLC to appoint the said legal firm to be on its panel, but merely to state that the GLC would give due consideration to the firm. Every thing is in the hands of the GLC whether to appoint the legal firm concerned, and it is out of the hands of Faekah or the Menteri Besar’s office, once the letter is issued.

What are we talking about “support” letter! Please stop all the internal fighting and personal attacks against somneoe who is firm and fair.


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