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Alarm over the snake farm in Kuala Pilah

June 28, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Ismail Mamat, via e-mail

I’m writing with regards to the snake farm at Ulu Bendul in Kuala Pilah and I have big concerns over this farm. Firstly, what is the purpose of this farm breeding snakes? To supply the illegal pet trade? Turn snakes into shoes and handbags for the bourgeois class?

Are the snakes bred there in danger of going extinct? Nothing is mentioned about the purpose of this farm’s existence. And I fear many snakes bred in this farm are going to suffer at the hands of irresponsible parties looking to cash in on them.

Malaysians must know that the person involved in this snake farm has in the past provided reptiles to Cave Villa Batu Caves, an awful reptile zoo, in the Batu Caves temple compound.

This fact raises alarm over the snake farm in Kuala Pilah. How can we know that Perhilitan are keeping tabs with activities here? I’m also not sure what residents of Kuala Pilah think about this farm. What many would like to know mainly is the purpose of this farm existing.

Will Perhilitan or the NRE explain? They must surely know Malaysians’ attitude towards animal welfare is rapidly changing, and if they cannot walk the talk, more Malaysians will lose hope and respect for both, if not already.

As for Cave Villa, it houses a huge amount of reptiles in horrible conditions, not that Perhilitan and the NRE care, despite this place being reported. It is a shame animal cruelty is allowed to continue in a religious shrine. Malaysians regardless of religious background should call for Cave Villa to be shut down immediately.


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