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Sri Gading MP must be dropped as a candidate

June 28, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Gunaseelan Palanisamy, via e-mail

The Sri Gading MP should be dropped as a candidate in the next election for coming up with such an extremist statement that S Ambiga should be hanged for treason. This is totally uncalled for and against the spirit of 1Malaysia and is a big slap to the democracy of the country.

Ambiga is only a co chairperson of Bersih and why should only she be continuosly targeted and victimised by certain groups. Why are they not targeting other leaders of Bersih? Are they targeting Ambiga just because she is an Indian and they feel that the indians will just keep quiet witnessing their kind being continuously victimised?

What criminal offence has she done for her to receive all this treatment. Is it wrong for a citizen to call for a fair and just election? In fact the indian community is very upset and protesting in silence on what is being done to Ambiga and the Prime Minister should put a fullstop to all these nonsense once and for all.

This has been dragging for months and is not healthy for the country. Foreign investors will fear to invest in Malaysia. The BN lost its two-third majority in the 2008 election mainly due to the indian votes. The Prime Minister and the MIC president are doing their best to bring back indian votes to BN and continuous attack on Ambiga will definately backfire and it will be very deterimental to the interest of Barisan.

The writer is is president of the Malaysian Public Service Association


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