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Did the doctor or Ms Tay decide…?

July 2, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Zakay Rehman, via e-mail

FMT columnist Salina Tay has put on her oracle hat and predicted with no uncertainty that the PM will have no choice but to call the 13th General Election by Sept 1, along with a barrage of by-the-way commentary justifications  slipped-in along with it.

To avoid being seen as biased, her claims are based on reliable insider sources, a sort of she says, he says kind of reporting. Ms Tay goes on to solidify her report by bringing in the doctor (Dr Mahathir) factor, as if by reporting the doctor’s so-called chagrin over the delay in calling for the 13th GE affirms its insider ‘wiki’ , automatically legitimising her article.

Well, let’s put her ‘unbiased’ reporting to the test. Sept 1 is going to arrive, that is fact, when the day come let’s see if her oricled report along with all of her predictions and commentaries on so called public disgruntlement comes to bear. I bet not!

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