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Voters tired of sex scandals

July 8, 2012

By P Gunaseelan

Since independence we have seen many elections and during all elections, Barisan Nasional and other parties will campaign based on their track record and the services they offer if they are elected.

But now the people are very upset and dismayed to watch that the Malaysian politicians have chosen a new curriculum in their campaigning to bring down their political opponents.

It is very sad and very disgusting to see that the Malaysian politics is in a shameful state of affairs as politicians frequently slander their political opponents of sex scandals and sensationalising the issue.

The politicians who champion these issues give an impression to the people that they are bankrupt of ideas and issues and they have only one issue of sex scandals to bring down their political opponents.

But they fail to understand that they are bringing themselves down by giving prominence to this issue while they abandon people’s issue which needs their urgent attention.

Some politicians have become very brilliant by using the immunity of the state assembly and parliament.

Politicians should champion issues which benefit the people and not go to the lowest ebb and spread wild and baseless allegations on leaders who enjoy the support of the people.

Latest highlight in this series is the allegation of Malacca MCA leader Gan Tian Loo that the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has an affair with his former staff and she was assaulted.

Lim and his wife have strongly denied these allegations and have challenged Gan to repeat these allegations outside the assembly. This has not been done so far. Lim’s former staff too has not commented on this.

A few months ago PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was also the target a sex attack and eventually the allegation against him fizzled out.

As the general election is nearing, lots of accusations and allegations are being leveled at popular politicians.

Those who planned and initiated these organised allegations can satisfy their innermost feelings for the moment that they have slandered their political opponents and brought shame to them and their family, but the general public is aware of the truth and is disgusted and angered by all the mischief and third grade actions by certain quarters.

The verdict will be shown in the coming general election whether their actions are accepted or rejected by the people.

P Gunaseelan is the president of Malaysian Public Service Association


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