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Pakatan should walk the talk on free education

July 12, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Annadurai Muthusamy, via e-mail

The Pakatan Rakyat government should walk the talk by providing free education for University Selangor (Unisel) students. Recently there were calls by Pakatan to abolish PTPTN and to give free education for all. We welcome the call and want Pakatan to walk the talk by providing free education in its state-owned Unisel.

As of June 2012, we have 13,528 students who have enrolled in Unisel, with another 2,784 who are expected to graduate [this year]. Recently PTPTN suspended its scholarship to Unisel  students and this would severely affect new student enrolment and cause short term financial burden for students and parents who  had enrolled their children  in this University.

Being a cash rich state with revenues in the billions, it certainly would enable the state to fund its own University and provide free education for all. If Pakatan is serious in its call to provide free education for all, then it should initiate the call by starting in Unisel.

I am sure the people of Selangor would be happy and grateful  if the Selangor government can be catalyst in this call for free education for all. If Selangor can implement this in its state then we can think about implementing free education in the whole country.

The federal government has claimed that this is impossible and a strategy by Pakatan Rakyat to give empty promises just to capture Putrajaya. Since last general election, what efforts been taken by Pakat an Rakyat in its governed states to provide free education for all.

Even though education is under the federal government’s jurisdiction, the people of Selangor want to know what are the efforts taken by the Pakatan government in its controlled entities such as Unisel to provide free education for all? Can you walk the talk?

The writer is secretary general of Persatuan Kebajikan Astivaaram Selangor


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