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Do we need to carry weapons and become vigilantes?

July 16, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Crime Avenger, via e-mail

Despite the ‘massive reduction’ in crime rates as claimed by the government, we still read news on murders of a real estate agent, death of an old lady due to snatch theft, and mafia style killings, ATM roberries and armed robberies in broad daylight, attempted kidnappings in shopping complexes, incredibly, in just a space of two weeks. And these were reported cases and were only the tip of the iceberg.

The relevant authorities continue with their denials, and the spin doctors working non stop to project Malaysia as a safe country, in comparison to others. A minister even claimed that the new media exxgarated the perception, as the same crime reported and spread by internet, smartphones, sms and coffee shop talks. Did he mean that a crime will turn into four crimes, if the same crime news was repeated in four mediums?

The traditional media and authorities, meanwhile, tried to pin the blame on the rakyat, claiming that the increase in crime partly attributed to the rakyat’s ” apathy” and tidak apa attitude when seeing fellow people being robbed.

One paper even suggested that we try to shout, show anger (most funny and ridiculous suggestion), etc. Yet incredibly, these criminals and killers are “untouchables” as the police warned us not to take the law ” into our own hands”.

We are forced to convert our housing area into a battlezone with gated and guarded community, yet some of the newspapers seemed to often portray these concepts as a nuisance, claiming that the barriers will inconevenience motorists or block vehicles in times of emergencies.

So, what can the helpless rakyat do? We feel so defenseless. Will the rakyat be forced to turn into masked vigilantes like Batman and Spiderman to fight the criminals? Will we be forced to carry guns for personal protection, like the Americans?

I myself was robbed and nearly killed, twice, by robbers near my house, who slashed my head and back with parangs. The scary thing was, these robbers will attack you before they rob you. I still bear the scars on my skull and back today.


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