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Malays are not stupid: a reprise

July 24, 2012

FMT LETTER, From CT Ali, via e-mail

I am blessed that I can put my thoughts down on paper and have people read them as I meant them to be read –clear and precise without any room for confusion or misunderstanding. Words are hard to argue with especially when they are there to be read over and over again so that you understand what they are meant to convey. Now here is the hard part for most of us who write for a living. First we need to have something to write about. If your thoughts are not of any interest to anybody else but yourself then what you write is of no interest but to anybody but yourself! Who cares that my favourite meal is a cheeseburger from McDonalds but some of you do care if I think that the Malays are not stupid!

Well let me tell you that I also think that all the non-Malays are also not stupid! But you must understand that in that particular piece that I wrote last week “The Malays are Not Stupid” I was only writing about the Malays! And what I wrote was about the Malays not being stupid! And so the things I wrote about, the arguments I made and the crux of that article were focused on that issue.

Let us not start meandering, like the Mekong River, all over the countryside and start forming ox bow lakes, inlet and start flooding the countryside and miss the whole point of what it is I am trying to say:

The Malays will not give their votes en mass to ANY political entity that does not focus on the common good of the Malaysian people.

It is my opinion that the Malays will not even give their votes to Umno if Umno just focuses on the common good of Umno members, their cronies and only the Malays. We know that Umno is not interested in the common good of all our people. That is why the Malays deserted Umno at the 12th general election and the facts and figures from that election will bear me out on that!

Now. Try and follow me here… now in this 13th general election if the Malays think that DAP is working more for the common good of the Chinese than for the Malays – then they will not give their votes to DAP – and that goes for any other political party. Kapish?

So, if you are following my arguments so far – all that I am saying is this – whoever we vote for, our concern is not for our race but for the common good of all Malaysians.

So what I am saying is this: the Malays are not stupid enough to give their votes to any political party that looks after the interest of one race – be they be the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians or the East Malaysians. That party can be Umno, MCA, MIC, PKR, PAS or DAP. So really fellers I am not being a racist – I am just telling you things as they are. We are all for the common good of everybody – race does not come into it!

Now back off for a minute and go read that article “The Malays are not stupid” again and try to understand what it is that I am really saying – that no race in Malaysia will vote for any political party if that political party is focused only on one race. We are, at least those of us that think rationally, we are all for 1Malaysia.

Now for those of you who are in denial – which means that you refuse to see the situation as it really is – I have to tell you that it will be impossible for change to happen unless we accept the present situation – which is that all the major political parties in Malaysia today draw their strength, their support and the reason for their existence on the fact that their represent ONE race. Yes they are all in the process of morphing into a 1Malaysia party (so they say!) and yes they are all for 1Malaysia – but how many of us are out there thinking the same thing?

Ninety percent of bloggers are for 1Malaysia – agreed! How many bloggers are out there thinking the same thought? One, two or maybe three hundred thousands? Possibly!

Now how about the millions out there who do not blog, who do not sit at mamak stalls shooting the breeze with others while talking about the state of our nation? How many of them are for 1Malaysia? How will they vote? And when push comes to shove what comes first? 1Malaysia, their race or their periok nasi?

These are the people that we need to reach out to and try to make them understand that we need their votes for change to happen in our nation. And how do you get their votes? Convince them that those they vote for are for 1Malaysia. Convince them that a vote for DAP is not a vote for the Chinese but for all of us.

And that my friend is what I am trying to convey when I wrote “The Malays are Not Stupid”. Call me what you want – a racist, a stupid idiot, not right in the head…maybe I am all of the above…but I ask you all not to be in denial. To change and for us to move forward we must first accept that the way things are now is not the way we want things to be. Once we can do this then we start the process of change.

And guys just as an aside…I do not take myself seriously. Life is too short for that. Relax and take five. After all this is just a posting on FMT. Today the Malays, tomorrow the Chinese and who knows, next week we may discuss the sexual habits of the Umno Alpha males! Or would you prefer MIC Alpha males? Shalom!

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