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Who and what Anwar is, is still a mystery (Part 2)

July 25, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Wong Mun Chee, via e-mail

I wrote Part 1 more than a year ago, but nothing has changed, has it? No, I have nothing personal against the supreme chameleon Anwar Ibrahim. I’m neither against politics nor politicians but I get fed up when they continue to suffocate us with their politics without any real agenda for the community.

You see, you don’t need to dance with wolves and entice them if what you claim to do is the truth for the benefit of the community. The opposition PAS with its Islamic stance, DAP, these days with their Anglophile agenda and with PKR; you don’t even know whether they are coming or going forms frustration amongst people like me who would like a change but are in delusion because politicians, whether it is Umno and its mandores or PR and their mandores, without a concern for the communities’ grievances.

Why do you need mandores if politicians can actually get down to do what they are elected for rather than weighting their options on how they can stay in power or achieve their lifelong dreams through their mandores.

Sorry to disappoint you, I don’t have any gossip about Anwar Ibrahim like in Part 1. I can gossip all I want and tell you tales but how are things going to change unless and until we can stop justifying for ourselves in our own comfort without actually participating for the community.

Sure we blog, comment, tweet and FB, but how has this created a change for the masses. Sure you think that just because you do all the above, it has made a difference. But really! Then why don’t we just continue doing this and hope that that PutraJaya shall be delivered in PR’s hand in GE13. We should not question how it gets delivered even if it is deemed unethical because we can compromise principles for the deliverance.

Just to recap on the ‘ilham’ (inspiration) that I had then in Part 1: “The crux of this letter is, politicians are never our saviours. We the people need to be savvy enough to understand and comprehend with apprehension the true objectives of a politician.

“This can only materialise if they are steadfast in their principle from day one, not swaying and swinging for political needs no matter how you see it. A good politician and its true meaning is to serve the society without the typical grandeur that we observe with Anwar as and when it fits the agenda.

This can only happen if your individual action is in place to check and balance them as I attempted to do with Anwar Ibrahim. Whether I have my doubts about Anwar is secondary. It is your call as a society to flush out artificial politicians.”

What more can I say than the favourite past time, been bought over, sold his/her soul, another Umno stooge, etc. but never the issue pertaining to what is the truth and reality that seems to be the abysses for most of us for our own personal agenda, like our favourite son Anwar Ibrahim.

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