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Palm Oil industry must prove it cares about orangutans

July 30, 2012

FMT LETTER: From S Bridgewater (Melbourne), via e-mail

I ‘m writing to the endorse the view in the letter ‘We don’t want orangutan murderers in our city’. May I add, we don’t want them anywhere in this country. What is the Malaysian palm oil industry hoping to achieve by visiting Australia in this PR exercise?

All over the globe, people are becoming more and more aware of how unethical the palm oil industry is. Report after report highlights the devastation as ancient rainforests are felled and already endangered species like the orangutan lose their habitats.

Adult orangutans are killed and their offsprings abducted and sold into a life of sheer misery and abuse in the illegal wildlife trade.

I have to ask: What sort of industry refuses to accept and endorse a perfectly simple and workable ‘no-kill’ policy on orangutans found wandering, starving and homeless, into palm oil plantations?

What sort of industry raises not one voice of condemnation about the brutal beatings, beheadings and burnings of this incredibly precious great ape which occur on a regular basis in palm oil plantations on both Borneo and Sumatra?

Let the palm oil industry prove by its actions how much it cares about orangutans and the forests they inhabitat by halting the destruction of both. Then, it might be welcome abroad.


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