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Palanivel can contest anywhere

August 2, 2012

FMT LETTER From P Gunaseelan, via e-mail

MIC president G Palanivel has the prerogative to contest in any parliamentary constituency of his choice including Cameron Highlands and the issue of back-stabbing anyone does not arise at all.

The MIC president and Cameron Highlands incumbent MP SK Devamany enjoy a good working relationship. The president has confidence in Devamany’s capabilities and he has assigned a special task to Devamany to cover certain MIC constituencies in Negeri Sembilan and Devamany is doing a good job.

Devamany himself has not commented anything on his seat and why unrelated parties should create an issue out of this?

Positions are not permanent to anyone in politics. Palanivel has not declared that he is going to contest in Cameron Highlands and it is not proper to comment on this before the announcement of MIC candidates.

Palanivel being the president may opt for surprise changes and this can only be known during the announcement of candidates.

Palanivel has also emphasised that the MIC candidates’ list will consist of new and old faces and that some incumbents who perform well will be retained. He has been very accommodative and fair to everyone including Devamany.

Devamany himself supports Palanivel’s style of leadership and works hard for the betterment of MIC.

Palanivel prefers serving the community without much publicity. As a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, he has contributed to his ability and party members, and the larger section of the community is well aware of his contributions.

Palanivel does not bow to Umno and he has bravely spoken whenever there was a need to do so. It was Palanivel who came out with an open statement condemning the act of parties continuously harassing Bersih co-chairman S Ambiga. This one incident proves he works closely with all parties including Umno for the sake of the community but he is not under their control.

The party members are aware that there is a small group within the party engaging outsiders to continuously and consistently discredit the party and the president.

This has been going on for some time and it is a matter of time their identities will come to public. Palanivel should not spend his precious time answering their claims but continue with his struggle to uplift the Malaysian Indian community at large.

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The writer is a MIC member, president of Malaysian Public Service Association and the editor of Nayagankini.com.


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