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MPOB’s motives questioned, confab not welcomed

August 6, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Suzanne Vigenser, Melbourne via e-mail

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council is coming to Sydney this September to hold a conference on their conservation and sustainabity efforts. This is not a conference. This is a public relations stunt to convince attendees that their practices are ‘environment and wildlife friendly’. They are not.

MPOC are taking advantage of lax laws in developing nations like Indonesia and West Africa, who will often place economic gain well in front of their international obligations of conservation.

MPOC cleverly uses ‘green washing’ to promote their sustainable business practices to naive politicians. Orangutan Resorts are a clever way to show that this Council apparently cares a lot. Research into these resorts however paints a very different picture. Environmental laws in countries where palm oil is produced are rarely enforced, which means the zero tolerance policy on harming endangered species is not followed.

Worldwide the truth about palm oil production is spreading. The internet has provided the medium for NGO’s to expose the smoke and mirror practices used by MPOC to the masses, and international scrutiny is baring down.

We do not believe what MPOC is preaching. While some of their work is ‘best practice’ their hip pocket is way in front of their environmental and conservation motives.

We do not want them visiting our country if they have to come here to prove to us they are doing the right thing by their conservation efforts, there are definitely questions in the first place.


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