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Special Branch must get its priority right first

August 6, 2012

FMT LETTER, From P Dev Anand Pillai, via e-mail

At the first instance, it is totally wrong for a special branch officer to be campaigning for the government in power. He is a civil servant and he has to be governed by the General Orders that the civil service is to abide by.

This officer has the audacity to tell the people of Kuching that they should vote for a party that provides security. I beg to differ, what security? There was a murder that took place in Klang on the July 28 where passersby found a body of a Indian male hung on a bus stop. Now if we have security that this special branch officer is talking about, the police force that he represents should be doing their job in curbing crime and catching criminals who seem to have no fear of committing heinous crimes anymore because they too know that the police can be bought.

Therefore if the BN government cannot even provide basic security, what security is this special branch officer talking about?

If it is security that he wishes to talk about, Teoh Beng Hock, Ahmad Sabrani and A Kugan should have been alive today as all of them were with the security agencies that takes its orders from the federal government before they had died. These three victims died in the custody of the security agencies who were tasked with investigation to find out the truth and not to interrogate people who end up dead by suddenly “jumping out of windows”.

To date, the Najib administration which had promised the Teoh family that no stone would be left unturned has simply dragged its feet even when the Royal Commission of Inquiry had recommended action to be taken on three MACC officers.

The Teoh family seems to be the fiercest opposition to all the promises that had been made by the federal administration because they have been keeping the authorities on their toes whereas Ahmad Sabrani’s family has as usual taken it as fate and have been duly silenced.

That is the difference when there is an injustice done to a Chinese family who is politically aware compared to a Malay family who will usually be silenced by other members of the community to simply take it as fate.

So it becomes easier to pull wool over the eyes of the Malays than the Chinese. When it came to A Kugan, it was brutal. The poor boy was beaten up to pulp and left to rot and the police expected the people to believe that he had died of some stomach ailment! The police made blunders and it so happened that God too made the hospital authorities who were trying to cover up for the police dumb by allowing the members of the family of the poor Kugan into the mortuary where the dead body was witnessed first hand by members of the family and the alternative media.When that had taken place, there was nothing much that they could hide from.

Therefore if the learned Special branch officer is talking about security he should first get the act of his department right before he opens his mouth to the whole world. This is 2012, Malaysians are known to be submissive and dumb because the education system has made them like that but they are not that dumb! They have now seen the other side of the coin and know what kind of concocted stories the police are so good at making when it comes to campaigning for their political masters.

On a daily basis in places like Klang, gangland style robberies, car jacking, snacth theft, office break ins, house break ins and basic roadside robberies are taking place right under the noses of the police force and nothing is done.

Most of the time, what we see are some young female recruits who sit under tents specially pitched for them and are busy texting on their phones and sleeping instead of going on their rounds and keeping the would be criminals at bay. Then in the evening their male counterparts come and all of them then go on their motorcycle rounds like a pack of wolves.

Most of the so called community policing where there are police beat bases in housing estates are all vacant instead of being manned. So when it comes to security, the residents are to fend for themselves by securing the services of guards to patrol their housing estates to keep criminals at bay.

Further the ex-policemen have made big bucks by forming security guard companies and offering the services to residential estates. This inevitably puts another tab on the pocket of the individual if he wants his property to be guarded from would be thief. The police too have learnt how to make policing a capitalistic venture and have becoming very wealthy as a result of this arrangement.

The people know very well that the police are all to busy politicking instead of policing. We will vote for change that will see the true policemen rise and bring respect and dignity back to a police force which the people can trust.


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