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Why not a common Merdeka theme Pakatan?

August 8, 2012

FMT LETTER, From Chong Sin Woon, via e-mail

In the joint press conference held by the tripartite in which they offered three distinct themes for the national day celebrations, Pakatan Rakyat revealed to all Malaysians how fragmented their pact is. If for a common theme they already cannot disagree, Malaysia will be doomed should they ever capture Putrajaya when conflicting bickering and policies spill over the public terrain in view of their three completely divergent ideologies be it socialist (DAP), theocratic (PAS) and trying-to-fit-in-between (PKR).

Kedah will use Terus Berbakti as its state theme while Kelantan’s theme is Menerajui Perubahan. Both Penang and Selangor will maintain Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa as Malaysia celebrates 55 years of nationhood.

Using the excuse that the Kedah and Kelantan state excos have already decided on their own respective themes and such decisions are binding are lame excuses to cover up for their shaky and fractious pact while displaying their charade. Insulting the BN government for its refusal to change its national day theme despite it being a Cabinet decision but yet not recommending their own state excos to adapt their new theme as a common one goes to show how low Pakatan is willing to stoop to incite hatred towards BN, including politicising such a historical occasion.

While Pakatan continues to complain about BN’s Janji Ditepati theme by calling it inappropriate, it is ironic for the Kelantan PAS state government to choose Menerajui Perubahan as their own national day theme.

This is because the only obvious changes under the PAS state government are not good ones, as the only thing they have to show after for 22 years are the inability to provide clean water to its people, continued high unemployment rates and low FDIs, as well as forcing their religious beliefs onto the non-Muslim community in Kelantan through local council regulations.

Thus it is better if Pakatan just admits that they cannot cooperate with each other, and the only glue holding them together is their Machiavellian ambition to take over Putrajaya without a single thought given to the development of the nation and the welfare of its people.

Their inability to decide on a common logo, not just for this year’s national day, but for their own Pakatan coalition as well only proves that they are unable to rule the federal government effectively as a pact.

Chong Sin Woon is MCA Youth Education Bureau chairman


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