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Men with machine hearts

August 11, 2012


From Belinda K, via e-mail

Greed has created thousands of billionaires and millions of millionaires with machine hearts.

In the name of the nation’s progress, animals become the victims in their global home. They are killed, slaughtered, burnt by greedy people. As a Malaysia, I am ashamed with these facts. I am also ashamed that very few Malaysians actually care for our beautiful native species compared to people of other countries.

Malaysians especially the people who have the power are corrupted by the power that they hold. They can stop deforestation from happening if and only if they care about our forest and the species that have been occupying it for many years now. However, it appears as if greed has poisoned their minds and souls. They can’t feel empathy for these species, hence explaining their doubts on endorsing a ‘zero tolerance, no-kill policy’.

After learning the truth about palm oil industry, I have indeed cut off considerably my consumption of palm oil. I see no other way but to stop purchasing whatever these companies are selling to show my support for my very own native species who deserves the right to live in their home (the rainforest).

It is a shame to know that massive cruelty is carried out in the name of nation’s economy.

Malaysia is one of the countries that is gifted with beautiful natural forest. However, vast areas are being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. This is indeed alarming for our native peoples and animals whose home are in the forest. As a Malaysian, I am very sad to know that we have authorities who seem to care more about money than the lives of other species.

I hope the Malaysian authority will look into this matter seriously this time. And I also sincerely hope that they will also go all out to focus on practical measures to protect the rainforest and the species living in it.

More than money, we need humanity! More than power, we need compassion and love. This is because without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost. Save our orangutans before it is too late.


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