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Will Perhilitan ever enforce the law?

August 11, 2012


From Sean Whyte, via e-mail

Perhilitan deputy director-general Dr Zaaba Zainol Abidin said just a week ago “….. 22 of 45 zoos nationwide have complied with new guidelines’ laid down in the much heralded Wildlife Conservation Act 2010. In itself a damning indictment on zoos in general. Six months ago they were all given an ultimatum – comply with the law by August or be closed down.

In other words, if Perhilitan can be trusted to put the welfare of animals before their friendships with zoos 22 of them will be permanently closed by the end of this month. What do you think will happen? Who trusts Perhilitan and the NRE?

All over Malaysia there are zoos with so much appalling cruelty on public view (and some not) a visit to one could make you physically sick; not that this has bothered Perhilitan in the slightest up to now. Might this be because they never leave their offices to check on zoos?

Despite repeated requests Perhilitan have yet to produce a plan to show what will be happening to the birds and animals in these 22 zoos. Why the secrecy? Is it because there is no plan because as have not the slightest intention of closing 22 zoos even though they will be in blatant breach of the law? The very same minister Douglas Embas has vowed in the past to enforce.

Cruelty to animals in most Malaysian zoos has reached epidemic proportions. Perhilitan and their NRE paymasters sit back and permit captive animals to be tortured on a daily basis. What kind of people are they?

Mahatma Gandhi summed it up well when he said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.”

Sean Whyte is the CEO of Nature Alert


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