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Save our orangutans please

August 14, 2012

FMT LETTER, From Sandy, Sydney via e-mail

I am writing because of the despair I have over the plight of the worlds’ diminishing orangutan population when it can be prevented by using sustainable palm oil.

I am not a politician, not someone who has a lot of power, just a human who is torn apart when I see the horific photos that are coming through of the appalling conditions the orangutans have to suffer under. The beatings killings orphaning of babies all when the industry can be handled differently to prevent death and destruction.

There are so many locals to Asia where orangutan population who are willing to do what they can for the orangutans and then there are those who have no problem to beat an orangutan to death. What type of human can do that to another living creature and feel no malice no horror in their actions?

I can only write from my heart and if all I can do is send these letters then I will continue to do so as often as I must to make a difference.

I have seen the results from people power a culmination of dedicated people sending letters to those in power to try to sway them to have a conscience and do the right thing and to make decisions that stop the death torture destruction of land and environment.

Our orangutans do not have time to wait until all countries are on board with sustainable palm oil production. All countries need to act now or we will be responsible for wiping out an entire species.


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