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Make more works of art about the Prophet

September 21, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Zunar, via e-mail

Films, cartoons and other works of art that mocks the Prophet Muhammad  will continue to be produced by the Westerners who are unaware nor subject to the rules of Islam.

Demonstrations and protests by the Muslims will not prevent the publication but would only continue to be a catalyst for more production of such works.

I urge producers, film directors, cartoonists and other Muslim artists to produce more works  on the Prophet Muhammad from the Islamic perspectives while fending off the Westerners.

Rarely is the art of teaching, governing, personal life and the philosophies of the Prophet Muhammad being produced by Muslim playwrights and artists.

The last film was ‘The Message’ which was directed by Moustapha Akkad in 1976.

I’m also disappointed at the non-initiative by the Islamic governments to provide funds for Muslim artists to produce works on the Prophet Muhammad.

On the contrary, much of the Muslim rulers practise corruption and fraudulence while enriching themselves and their cronies.

The Government of Malaysia takes commission from submarine deals and amasses wealth from timber, while Muslim rulers in the Middle East accumulate wealth from oil revenues.

Not forgetting rich Muslim individuals spending money acquiring English football clubs.

This not only does not help the creation of works of art on the Prophet Muhammad, but insults the Prophet himself!

The writer is Malaysia’s popular political cartoonist


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