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Police and rape are normal

November 20, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Dr Hamdan Adnan, via e-mail

I refer to the recent alleged gang rape by several policemen of the Royal Malaysian Police Force. Though this act may outrage the public, it is not isolated and such crimes have been going on for some time.

I live in Sungei Way Petaling Jaya and in Sungei Way, there is one of the largest Indonesian colony. The locals living in Sungei Way live in harmony with our fellow Indonesians, most of whom, work very hard, sweating blood for their family back in Indonesia.

However, there is a dark side of Sungei Way, where, some of the Indonesian factory girls are “victims” to our police’s sexual urges. Every night, you can see police cars patrolling in the area and Indonesian factory girls getting into the car and the police car then drives to a dark secluded spot in the Sungei Way village to be parked for some “fun”.

I have on numerous occassions followed these police cars and from a distance, observed what these police officers are up to. All I can see is the police car shaking. I can only assume that something inappropriate is going on.

After about 20 minutes, the car drives back to one of the houses to drop of the girl and goes off.  This happens daily. These houses, mostly bungalows, house about 20 Indonesian girls each.

On some occassions, they drive of the girl to a remote location elsewhere and bring her back several hours later. I doubt whether the girls are brought to the police stations as when they alight from the car close to midnight, they seem to be smiling and happy and interact with the police officers in a jovial and friendly manner.

Now, I am not speculating anything but, obviously, these girls do whatever the police officers ask them to do because they are of authority and these girls are scared of these officers.

I have asked a number of Indonesian men working in the village what really happens, and according to them, these girls, all of whom have no proper documents  provide “services” to these officers to be let lose.

Whether what these girls do is consensual or not, it is unbeconming of the police force to indulge in such activities. Obviously, there is a form of rape going on daily because these girls have no choice but to condone and conform to the advances of these police officers being foreign workers without proper documentation to enter our country.

But what shocks me is that, these girls who have come into the country illegally, somehow have figured out, how to “settle” the police when they are caught. It is high time we set up a police commission. The police seem to to be having too much powers and abusing it.

Another issue I like to touch on is why crime is so high and escalating to an  unprecedented level. You see, criminals are no more scared of the police. Criminals don’t mind trying their luck with crime because, they believe, on the remote chance they get caught, they can “settle” the matter. This “boleh settle” attitude has now become such big practice that even grave crimes such as rape and murder can be “settled”.

This is not a rumour most Malaysians vaguely know but a reality. We all have known this for a while but have closed one eye to this “boleh settle attitude”.  And now, the problem has blown up in our faces because it has gone out of control as the attitude has created a scenario where  criminals have evolved into non fearful criminals.

It is because of this boleh settle attitude, crime has gone sky rocketing. Criminals are no more scared. They commit whatever crime they want and on the freak chance they are caught, they just “settle” the matter and are let lose the very day they were caught.

I have many senior lawyer friends who can verify that this has become the system in Malaysia. According to them, money buys your release and the more grave the crime, the higher the price that needs to be paid but every criminal case can be sorted out out of court.

Rumour has it that even for murder, a mere RM1 million will make the whole case disappear and the “fail  hilang”. Just imagine, a mere RM1 million, someone’s family will suffer because there won’t be any justice done. The same with rape, there is a price for that too.

Let me reiterate again, crime is rampant solely because criminals do not fear the police at all as “everything can be sorted out”. Occassionally, the police “sacrifice” one or two individuals to show they are impartial and doing their job but the general consensus amongst criminals are that everything can be bought.

Now, my article might not be published because it may be termed as too sensitive but dear editors, let’s face facts, crime has gone to uncontrollable levels. It is up to you guys to highlight this issue so that a body maybe set up to check on the irregularities of the police.

Catching criminals is one thing, but when criminals are absolutely not scared of the police because of their belief that  they can be released if they settle their cases with monetary payout, the country would soon turn into a cowboy town.

It is no better than people carrying gun and just shooting each other and not following the rule of law as seen in the Wild Wild West. If we love our country, we have to bring the rule of law back into the country and an enforcement division that is strict in enforcing criminals are brought to justice.


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