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Pakatan Rakyat: A Cinderella tale

December 28, 2012

FMT LETTER: From Yuktes Vijay, via e-mail

“Ubah! Jelajah Merdeka! Deepak! Rosmah!” Shouts and cries of such propotion means only one thing: Elections in Malaysia. The 13th edition in touted to be the mother of all elections as it would determine the fate of the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional which has been helming the country since independence.

Many believe that this is the best chance for the Opposition to take over Putrajaya. The Opposition themselves are pretty sure that it is their destiny to be in Putrajaya. However, the million dollar question is are they really the knight in shining armour that they have perceived themselves to be?

Flimsy leadership

Kelantan was constitutionally wrong to impose the “hair-saloon” rule. Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto Prime Minister (with the permission of Hadi Awang of course) of the Opposition coalition should have been stern with the Kelantan government with regard to this ruling.

However, all he did was give a one liner and suggested that the Kelantan government was wrong. As a Prime Minister in waiting (in quoting the DAP leadership ), wouldn’t it have reflected favourably to him if he had put his foot down and claimed that it was wrong to do so?

What has stopped him from being as vocal as he has been with the Deepak issue? When it involves issues in his own coalition, Anwar Ibrahim seems to typify a typical politician and not the reformist he projects himself to be.

The only thing that was consensual in the marriage of convenience of Pakatan Rakyat was the issue of who is going to be the Prime Minister till the recent PAS muktamar. I’m guessing PAS has grown tired of indecisions of PKR, leading them to suggest Hadi Awang as the next supremo.

Another personal question that has been bugging my mind is why Anwar Ibrahim chooses not to be a member of his party. The party itself was an embodiment of a struggle to get him free from gallows. Why he chooses to remain unelected in his own party remains a mystery.

Hindraf vs Perkasa

Perkasa is often labeled as a racist outfit by the Opposition. However, they find it convenient to engage Hindraf in, apparently, solving the Indian dilemma. I find it amusing.

After all the Makkal Sakthi campaigning done in the previous election, Pakatan Rakyat again decides to hear Hindraf out and guess what, talks with Hindraf comes at a time when elections are nearing.

I might ruffle a few feathers if I claim that I do not see the difference between Hindraf and Perkasa or Ibrahim Ali and Waythamoorthy but this is the truth. I’m all against using the race as a tool to do politics and that is precisely what this two parties have been championing.

Lastly, by engaging Hindraf in talks, Pakatan has proved that it is self centered, selfish and a master of deception as it clearly shows that Pakatan sees the Indian community as a vote bank and nothing else.

If anyone intends to tell me that we have Prof Rama as the first Indian Deputy Chief Minister, I would like to assert here that I’m talking about real leaders, not puppets. I have lazily described the shortcomings of Pakatan. In fact, this letter merely serves as a prelude to other shortcoming of the Pakatan helmed states which will be forthcoming.

The writer is legal officer to the Hulu Selangor MP


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