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Greed and corruption will be BN’s downfall

January 18, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Jason YH Lee, via e-mail

The insatiable thirst of greed for power and wealth knows no bounds, driving corruptors/corruptees into the depths of unacceptable, animalistic, inhumane and at times inhuman behaviour, always resulting in harm and suffering to other fellow human beings.  Greed and corrupt practices have plagued Malaysia for at least the last 40 of the 55 years under BN, since the tenure of Mahathir through to both his “puppet successors”.

Fortunately,  Malaysia, a well-endowed country with rich natural resources, human, mineral, agricultural, and oil and gas, has been able to withstand the pillage and plunder by these BN pirates at the expense of suffering and poverty of the rakyat.

This cannot be allowed to continue for the sake of the future generations of Malaysians. I have in my previous article set out an inexhaustive list of projects/instances of wastages, leakages and corrupt practices.

The current regime, and I don’t call it a ruling regime as they are not rulers but mere stewards of governance appointed by the people, of the people and for the people, has betrayed the rakyats’ and the nation’s trust.

It is even more saddening to know that there are still those who do not accept nor acknowledge that BN, although appointed by the people, does not represent “of the people” nor does BN govern “for the people”.

The entire government and public service machinery representing the pillars of civil society, have been badly compromised and tainted with corrupt practices, incompetence and abuse of power, achieved through the numerous amendments to our Federal Constitution by Mahathir to facilitate the exercise of absolute power to abuse. Malaysia is and has been in bad shape due to greed for power and wealth of the BN cohort of bandits.

It is also in the last 40 years we have seen Malaysians of all races, from all walks of life and of every religious belief, becoming more acutely aware of the disastrous damage done by BN. Our national wealth plundered, our children’s education stifled to death, our health system riddled with illness beyond recovery, our economic competitiveness eroded, our national pride in each Malaysian beaten to pulp, our citizens treated as third class citizens or stateless.

Malaysians want changes for a better tomorrow. KL112 is proof of that. Bersih rallies are a testament. The rakyat have spoken. BN has not, will not and will never learn the lessons of downfall in history for it has over-extended itself with greed to the point of no return. It is now well within our grasp to effect change at GE13.

Exercise our rights well at the ballot. Exercise diligence in monitoring free and fair elections. Demand our right to vote from overseas. Register and fly back to vote. Every possible step to ensure free, clean and fair elections must be taken so as to ensure that the changes for the better we all so badly seek will not be robbed away.

Every misdeed by the NRD and EC must be brought to the rakyats’ attention and be properly dealt with. Keep piling the pressure on BN, an extremely weak and incompetent coalition riddled with scandals and infighting.

Grind them, drill them, chink their flimsy armour and expose them explosively. BN will break! The time is now! At the rate we are going, we have nothing to lose and all to gain for a better Malaysia.


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