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Palanivel is in total control of MIC

February 28, 2013

FMT LETTER: From P Gunaseelan, via e-mail

The claim of Palanivel losing his grip in MIC is utter rubbish as he enjoys the support of the party members and the CWC. Palani is a non-controversial leader and he doesn’t believe is staging cheap political stunts. He is focussed in his vision and mission to transform MIC and the take the Malaysian Indian community to greater heights. He works quietly and aggressively in succeeding in his demands which benefits the community at large.

During his term as a President of MIC he has initiated lot of programmes which has benefitted the party and the community.  We should not compare a leader with another leader as everyone has his own style of leadership. Palanivel is silent but it cannot be concluded that this is a sign of his weakness. People who understand his silence will understand him better.

He believes in results and he has delivered a lot in a short span of time since he took over as the president and his achievements need not to be repeated again and again. His achievements are there to be seen.  He may not be vocal as some but as a professional and no nonsense leader he believes any issues can be discussed behind closed doors and handled diplomatically through mediation rather than sensationalising them.

He may be not vocal but he encourages party leaders to be vocal and highlight issues affecting the community. He is not keen to take all the credit by himself and he encourages and motivates party leaders to continue to voice out the grievances of the community in their own style. He has no issue with this. He has given a free hand to the deputy, vice presidents, CWC as well as the Youth and the Wanita to speak freely on community issues.

On the claim whether he enjoys the support of the CWC as he has not removed Samy Vellu’s men in the CWC when he took over the presidency, Palanivel was chosen as the right and the bright candidate for the deputy president’s race and this has enabled him to become the President of MIC.

When Palanivel himself was a Samy Vellu man, why should he remove or replace leaders appointed by the former president to the CWC? Whatever said and written, he enjoys the support of the party and the CWC. All CWC meetings are conducted in a cordial manner and all are given an opportunity to highlight any issues pertaining to the community and good suggestions are taken into consideration and implemented.

Palanivel is a leader who forgets and forgives. It was during his time all prominent party leaders who were sacked were taken back into the party with continued membership as well they were given the privilege of holding their party posts held during their time of sacking. He opened the doors to everyone who was sacked to re-join MIC without any conditions including who were deadly against him. All this goes to prove he is a leader of wisdom and vision.

Palanivel has been a member of MIC since 1974 and he has worked under the leadership of various presidents. All the negative news is spread just to discredit his capabilities as MIC has become stronger, organised and a more accepted party now. His foundation is strong and any mischievous activities cannot shake him at all.  His leadership style is appreciated and admired by MIC members and MIC will definitely do well in the 13th General Election.

The writer is president of Malaysian Public Service Association and Wilayah MIC Welfare Biro chief.


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