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Where will Pakatan get the RM239.8 billion?

February 28, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Tee Siew Kiong, via e-mail

Pakatan’s latest election manifesto has failed in that it remains silent on the specific details needed for its implementation. Their Manifesto Rakyat has failed to mention how Pakatan will raise the nation’s income to pay off the RM239.8 billion debt which will be needed if Pakatan wants to fulfill all their promises listed.

Even their promise of RM4,000 minimum household monthly income listed in their Buku Jingga already costs RM97.3 billion. Thus eventually, the public will suffer as they will be the ones who have to pay for these promises.

The Manifesto Rakyat also mentioned that Pakatan will abolish PTPTN loans, provide free education, abolish car excises duties, and lower oil, electricity and water prices. However, what is not mentioned is that Pakatan will have to increase the nation’s income, and that Pakatan might have to start increasing taxes which will then burden the people.

Most of their promises require huge funding, and with no detailed plan to increase the nation’s income, how can they be expected to cope with such huge costs? Abolishing tolls, halting Lynas operations, and eliminating AES will involve payment of compensation.

Therefore, should Pakatan take over the federal government, the first thing they need to do is to prepare the huge amount of money needed to pay off these firms for closing down their projects.

Based on simple statistics, Pakatan needs to pay RM50 billion to abolish tolls, RM20 billion to lower oil prices, RM12.5 billion to pay oil royalties to the 4 oil-producing states, RM43 billion to abolish the PTPTN, RM7 billion to remove car excise duties and RM10 billion to implement their RM1,100 minimum wage scheme.

Adding this amount together with the RM97.3 billion needed to fulfill their promise of RM4,000 minimum household income listed in their Buku Jingga, the end total will cost RM239.8 billion! So even if we don’t look at the plan, Pakatan must still explain to us how they intend to raise the nation’s income to cope with the huge cost needed.

While having people-friendly policies is a good thing, Pakatan only knows how to make empty promises. In the end, the rakyat will be the victim. People should know that the most important point for the ruling party is to have not only idealism or dreams, but political experience as well. The most important point is having experience and knowing how to rule and govern a nation.

Pakatan’s promises are only “skin-deep”, as no plans on its implementation were revealed. DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng’s claim that their manifesto “cannot be too thick or no one will want to read it” is superficial and only proves that Pakatan has no sincerity in fulfilling their promises.

Even Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim had also once announced that their manifesto is not a promise. As such, I urge the rakyat to not fall for Pakatan’s “beautiful lies” again.

The writer is MCA national organising secretary and state assemblyman for Pulai Sebatang


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