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Act against the real national threats

 | March 5, 2013

Ridhuan has made a mockery of Islam by propagating it as a religion which has no qualms belittling other faiths.


Malaysia has to stop claiming that it is a peace-loving nation and one that respects the different faiths in its midst. The curtains on respect for the other beliefs came down long ago and show no sign of healing.

The May 13, 1969 racial riot was the beginning of more damage to come as far as harmony and understanding between the different races were concerned.

Despite the shocking barbaric attitude that May 13 revealed, the lessons left behind by this violence between the Malays and non-Malays is lost to both the ruling government and its cronies.

From threats to humiliation, the non-Malays have endured it all; however, this bullying of the other races can no longer be tolerated, for doing so will only allow the crooks to persevere in such heinous acts.

For this reason, rude, insensitive and bigot individuals who continue to trespass all decorum of respect, courtesy and decency must be dealt with severely.

One such person who has by virtue of his own arrogance and malicious agenda earned condemnation is Ridhuan Tee, a Chinese Muslim convert or “saudara baru” who instead of living up to the sanctity of the religion has been behaving otherwise.

Ridhuan has made a mockery of Islam by propagating it as a religion which has no qualms belittling other faiths.

His radically disturbing views have long been worrying the rakyat, the latest being his article in a daily Malay tabloid where Ridhuan, an associate professor, mocked the annual Hindu festival of Thaipusam.

The lecturer also ruffled feathers when he attacked MIC for pushing for the ban on the controversial Tamil movie “Vishwaroopam” to be lifted. This Kamal Haasan-directed film had its public screening halted after the Home Ministry deemed it insensitive to the Muslims.

Unity no longer our pride and joy

Once upon a time, Malaysian unity was the talk of town with the country earning applause for successfully keeping its people of different races in a harmonious atmosphere.

Then came May 13, 1969 and the perception that there was no country like Malaysia where multifarious beliefs could thrive ended.

Over four decades later, the rakyat has started questioning the sincerity of the ruling government under Barisan Nasional in upholding respect for the various faiths in the nation.

From the current Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to the respective states rulers to Malay-rights extremist group calling itself Perkasa to “scholars” like Ridhuan Tee, none have bothered to show any respect to the rights and faiths of the non-Malays.

On the contrary, all of them have never failed to caution the non-Malays to stay out of all topics pertaining to Malay rights including demanding that only the Malays have the exclusive right to use the word “Allah”.

Now when an academician like Ridhuan stoops to shameful degrees and insults the non-Malays, that is, the Indian community, why has this act of disrespect not rattled Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who swears daily that “People First, Performance Now” is his top priority?

Should BN’s silence be interpreted as its “couldn’t care less” attitude or that it supports the racial venom Ridhuan keeps spitting out?

The fact that a racist individual like Ridhuan, an associate professor who lectures at the National Defence University, has been tasked with teaching ethnic relations, does not augur well for the well-being of Malaysia and its people.

Ridhuan’s university colleagues claim that he is instead preaching ethnic cleansing, prompting complaints from his students, both the non-Malays and Malays.

Here is a man who is not ashamed of his racist tag and who has become a threat to national harmony and yet the ruling government does not find him harmful to the nation’s peace and security.

Ridhuan and the Umno connection

Ridhuan, a Maulidur Rasul recipient, has been accused of plagiarising the works of others to seek promotions and his ability to obtain the associate professor title in a mere three years is now under the spotlight.

However, Ridhuan, who appears on the government’s Radio Televisyen Malaysia channels where he talks about Islam, continues to behave in an impious manner towards the non-Malays all because of his Umno connection, in this case involving a Cabinet minister who is also a senior Umno leader.

Does his Umno connection give Ridhuan the licence to do and behave as he pleases, acting unruly towards the Chinese and Indians?

Racism has long been the order of the day in Malaysia, the culprits being none other than the politicians themselves who consistently fail to “walk the talk”.

The Home Ministry was worried that a film like “Vishwaroopam” could bring about racial turbulence without bothering to realise that there is more at stake when a racist, small-minded person like Ridhuan goes about abusing and misusing Islam to perpetuate his own agenda.

If no action is taken against Ridhuan, the rakyat cannot be faulted for drawing the conclusion that Najib and his ministers are, at best, only good at “arresting” the works of fiction and lack the guts to act against national threats like Ridhuan.

Jeswan Kaur is a freelance writer and a FMT columnist.


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