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Open Letter to ex-Senator S Ramakrishnan

March 11, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Ranesa Jegatheesa, via e-mail

Sir, it has been acknowledged by some that you are an open book. Your views on a number of issues are commonly known. You have openly commented on such topics as race relations, education, business and poverty eradication.

Those who have been following your blogs and your public utterances know that you have been consistent in your views, however extreme.

But the time is now for you to conduct some self-examination. And ask yourself this question: Whose purpose are you really serving? Before you answer that question, let me give you my take. You are certainly not serving the Indian community.

It is plain for everybody to see that you have been blinded by the carrot dangled by your DAP masters not to see that you were being used to penetrate the Indian psyche into thinking their future lies with the  party that is shamelessly chauvinistic.

You have been used to cause a rift within the Indian community so that its members can be exploited, like it happened in 2008, to give their support to the Opposition. Your role therefore, is like that of Judas.

In the three years as a Senator, you have had a dismal record of helping Indians in Selangor. What the Selangor government has given to the Indians is not even a drop in the ocean compared with what BN and PM Najib Tun Razak have given to the Indian community over the last few years.

Along with Xavier Jayakumar, you have been making a mountain out of a molehill, after having made a small contribution to the Midlands Tamil school where queries have been raised about rentals from the newly built school hall.

Again, with Jayakumar, it has been said that the Selangor state government had chalked up an impressive level of Gross Domestic Product.  How come none of this wealth has trickled down to the Indian community?

Sir, you continue to vilify BN and MIC without knowing the facts. And this is a cardinal sin for the academia to be ignorant of the large amount of literature that has been written about the contribution of BN and MIC to the growth and development of the Indian community. Compare these against the dismal record of the DAP, even post 2008.

Sir, as the Chairman of Plantation, Mining Workers and Estate Community of DAP Selangor since 2003, please enumerate what you have done for the Indians.

You have been running Youth Motivational and Self Awareness programmes since 2007 but have scant little to show for it.

Sir, you say you have been conducting English language classes in Tamil schools since 2005 but what has become of your students?

You also say you have conducted various youth programmes in Taman Medan, Desa Mentari and Klang.  If so, how come there are still marginalised Indians in these areas?

By DAP’s own recent admission, contained in the DAP Insider, the “Indians have been short-changed by the DAP as well as the Pakatan”.

Now, I wonder, where did I see this quote describing the feeling of the India Baru: “They hate the hypocrisy and racist mentality of the Chinese in DAP and sadly this is true”? Oh yes, it was in the same DAP Insider.

Finally, Sir, I will leave you with one last question: How does it feel to be playing second fiddle to your Chinese-dominated DAP when you can play first fiddle with the community of your birth? Pretty rotten, I would think.


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